Increase in aspie behaviors?

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Increase in aspie behaviors?
Fri, 09-05-2003 - 9:18am
For those of you whose aspies have started school, have you seen an increase in aspie behaviors and needs at home to cope with the stress of school?

Christopher (age 10, AS) just started fifth grade in a new school. He likes it and has been managing very well. But last night, he was playing by himself and I looked over to see what he was doing and he was lining up all of his Pokemon action figures--first by size, then by type, and finally he started playing with them appropriately. I hadn't seen "lining up" behaviors in a while, but I figured that maybe he needed to find some "order" in his life after a busy day of school.

And this morning, he asked DH to give him a "joint knockering," which is our term for joint compression therapy (usually done in conjunction with brushing). The joint compression really calms him down and helps him to focus. He hasn't asked for (or needed) joint compression for a while, but I thought it showed a lot of self-awareness on his part that he could ask for what he needed.


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Fri, 09-05-2003 - 11:26am
that's neat, that he could ask for it himself..

and I guess the firstweek of school is stresfull for almost most kids, let alone for our Aspies. Hopefully he'll settle in soon.....

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Fri, 09-05-2003 - 10:57pm
Cait didn't really do that, but Mike definitely did. Cait increases her "aspieness" when she is stressed. Usually not at the begining of teh year, but if she is having a rough time with other kids or a teacher it happens. Mike, as soon as the year started he started with chewing his shirt, pacing, walking circles, obsessions, low frustration tolerance, etc.

Last year Mike was on a year round schedule where he would be in school for 2 months and off for 1. Always the first couple weeks back would show an increase in these kind of behaviors. Then he would settle in. We are in school now for 2 1/2 weeks and he seems getting better.


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Sat, 09-06-2003 - 12:55am
I'm seeing a major increase in Aspie behaviors in this house. Jordan started 4th grade and a new math series (more abstract). Math is his best subject but 3 days into the new school year, he's having problems with the math which is throwing his universe off. Way off.

He fidgets much more (anxiety), has meltdowns, everything a calamity, very angry, lashes out at the slightest thing (like he's overstimulated from the moment he wakes up), he's got the freshest, nastiest mouth (washing his mouth out with soap does nothing) and has great trouble expressing what's bothering him (we can usually get him to express what's bothering him after a few hours, but that's not happening now). He's on Luvox and Strattera and it's like he's not on any medication. It's like my sweet kid has left the building.

I'm hoping things will calm down in a week or so.


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Sun, 09-07-2003 - 6:21am
Oh yeah, we're seeing it here too. Both Jade and DH are showing their full autistic gene-sets lately.

This year Jade moved into the "older kids" group with our co-op. The older kids do a lot of group studies, labs, and discussions. She's really excited about getting to do the paleontology unit study, which involves a lot of mock digs, hands on projects, and labs. But the whole 'group thing' is wearing on her, and it's only been a week. Her first group discussion was a basic 'overview' of the things the kids already knew in order to set the tone for the unit study. She is a certified savant in the very areas we covered. But in that setting, with 6 other kids, she just shut down. When asked she couldn't remember how many continents there are or how many oceans. Basic stuff. After group my partner, Scott, took her aside and asked her to discribe the continental drift pattern from Pangea to current times.....she went into detail. Sigh. One of the boys, a 15yo, was standing off to the side and heard her tell Scott all about the drifts, how the various mountain ranges of the world formed, about how the 5th ocean (Southern Ocean) was only recently named and entered into the books and how it extended from the coast of Antarctica to 60 degrees lattitude.....the boy wanted to get in on the conversation. Jade just stopped and litterally went and found a place to pace. Now before daily group she paces and stims fanatically. She can't really concentrate durring discussions, but I'm not giving up on the group for her. She does really well durring labs. But I think that's because she has been paired up with a 32 yo woman with HFA. They are in the same room as the other lab teams but they don't have to 'interact' like they do in discussion.

DH has been stimming a lot more since Jade started the group stuff too. But that's because his routines are being thrown off. He used to come home from work and spend about an hour listening to Jade rant over her latest theory (he finds her voices very soothing). Now, she's out doing something for group when he comes home. Today he said it felt like she just didn't have time for him anymore. So now he's trying to get Eva to rant to him when he comes home, LOL. But her latest obsession is rockets and he's of the BTDT frame of mind. He spent a year and a half listening to Jade's 'reports' on rocket building and space travel. I've tried to explain to him that being a parent of many will very often involve a LOT of redundancey and de'ja'vu, but I then, I explain that too him every year, LOL.

To deal with it I've been making sure to be very strict with everyone's schedules and support of rouitnes. I haven't slept much, but hey, anything to NOT hear the screatching, right? Jade has asked for more physical therapy on her shoulder, which I have given her. I don't think she understands that her physical disability is being agitated by stress though. All she knows is that her shoulder and arm hurt and she wants them rubbed and stretched to make the pain go away.

I'm sure they will both settle into the new routines. Scott and I talked to all the other kids in the group and explained to them why it wouldn't be a good idea to bombard Jade with questions, even though she is an encycolpedia on the group topic. She spent the summer researching Paleontology so she would know what the books and lessons were reffering to. She recorded Walking With Cavemen and has been playing it over and over and over and over.....I'm really getting sick of Alec Baldwin's voice, LOL. (at least now the study has actually started and she's too busy digging up carefully planted chicken bones and making plaster casts of her own footprints to watch it).

So, yes, we are seeing a lot more pacing, handflapping, and leg jiggling. lus we are hearing noises never heard before, at least from Jade.

rant, rant, rant.......I'm done now, where's the chocolate?


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Sun, 09-07-2003 - 10:34am
Its good to know that you all are doing pretty much the same thing as we are.