Inventing a program!

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Inventing a program!
Sun, 05-25-2003 - 8:13pm
Well, I'm taking the first steps right now to creating a summer program (starting next year) for HFA/Aspergers kids in my area!

I've started by researching existing programs, and by contacting a bunch of people--some in the autism field, some in education--and getting their general buy-in. Then, I contacted the school district and who'd've guessed it? They're interested in getting together and chatting!

I have some specific ideas. I'd like to create an 8 week full-day program with appropriate therapies in the morning (fun stuff, like recreational, music, dance, and art therapy) and integrated activities (like swimming) in the afternoon. I want to get a good special ed teacher as a lead person, train college kids as aides, and involve creative therapists as I go. I'd also love to have a full-time speech/language person involved.

If it doesn't work out with the district (or even if it does) I'm thinking the YMCA might be a great place to host a program like this.

And....if it works... it could grow!

Anyone have any experience with something like this? Let me know!