It's official!

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It's official!
Mon, 09-15-2003 - 8:27pm
Cait is Autistic! Sorry, just feeling sarcastic today. Of course we have known for years but we finally got the first test results today that say difinitively so, Although she has been diagnosed PDD or Asperger's by 2 different neurologists for the past 5 1/2 years.

When she was 4 the neuro-psyche diagnosed PDD-NOS but added the disclaimer that she thought Cait had a significant CAPD and should be tested when old enough. She thought that many of cait's social deficits were caused by language problems and would deminish and her language improved. We hoped she was right and since Cait was so little she could well have been, but we discovered soon enough it was not CAPD.

Then at 6 she was tested by a school psyche who managed to note a whole host of social deficits and diagnosed her "significantly socially withdrawn" but the woman did a very poor job with intrepreting the tests and kept talking ADHD, and parental problems. That woman was a pretty huge knucklehead IMHO. Upon meeting with the school they did see our side and classified her under autism.

She is now going through her triennial testing with a neuro-psyche at the school and Cait tests "just like a person with autism". She also said that Cait presents with "the social demeanor and deficits often found in people with HFA". I have only spoken to the woman verbally and will get the report on Thursday, but it is nice to have some validation and security that this psychologist seems to have a good handle on things. She did say she saw Cait in class and didn't see her as any different and wondered why this girl was being tested, until she spoke to Cait 1:1 and started some of the testing. Then the differences were apparent.

Just thought I would share. I will be interested in getting that testing report on Thursday.


Oh, thought I would also add that Miss Cait appears quite significantly gifted as well. She is testing extraordinarliy high in some areas. Little bugger hides it well though.

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Tue, 09-16-2003 - 8:50am
Congratulations--I think. There is a relief to finally have a diagnosis, even if it's not the one we want. I know I was so glad when we were able to put a name to Christopher's behaviors, and when the school agreed and classified him as autistic.

BTW, Chris is also gifted in math and art. Our gifted and talent program (or "exceptional learning" as they call themselves) even has a category for kids like ours. It's called "dual exceptionality," which means they are both gifted and have some sort of learning disability or other special ed label.


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Tue, 09-16-2003 - 3:55pm
LOL, isn't funny how the 'proffesionals' usually go back and forth again, and again, and again, then when everything is said and done they usually end up telling you what you've been telling THEM for years? I've pretty much given up on a concrete dx for Jade. Her Phd just re-addressed it AGAIN back to HFA. Since that's the lowest functioning dx she can get and it will get her the most services should she need them I think I'll just let it stay. I still disagree with him on her MR dx. He says she's 'ghostly' retarded and I say she's firmly in the mild range. We did the Harvard Prodigy Study so we could have the areas of testing that are effected by her savantism stricken from the calculation, but the PhD just can't bring himself to do that. I understand his argument, her savantism is a part of how her mind duh! BUT it gives her the appearance of being higher functioning than she really is, even under the clinical eye.

I'm so glad this new evaluator of Cait's has a head on her shoulders. Hopefully now you'll have that little peice of paper from the CDC to waive in someone's face when they decide to doubt you.



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Tue, 09-16-2003 - 4:35pm
Renee, I'm glad you got the diagnosis that you already suspected. It will be easier to receive the spec. ed services now that the diagnosis is concrete. No more tap dancing around. She is a sweet little girl. She is smart & quite the actress as you've mentioned. Good luck to her & you. BTW, I checked into Excelsior Academy. It costs... sit down..17 K. I nearly laughed when she told me. I guess the school district gets some kids in for free if there is no other appropriate public school for your child. I guess we'll stick with free public education next yr. I am going to the AS support group in Carlsbad. I am trying to decide if Sarah should go to 6th gr. camp. She wants to go, but gets so stressed over things like using the bathroom, taking showers, not being in the same cabin as anyone she knows. I don't know how she will do over a weeks time. She goes @ the end of Oct. to Cuyamaca. Don't know what to do??? Keep in touch, Mary Ann