I've been looking for......

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I've been looking for......
Sun, 10-12-2003 - 1:11pm
...good books on Autism particulary PDD-NOS. I checked out some books from our library but there is not much just bits and pieces.

I have been doing Internet checking today and was wondering if any of you have heard of this book:

Relationship Development Intervention with Children, Adolescents and Adults: Social and Emotional Development Activities for Asperger Syndrome, Autism, PDD, and NLD

by Steven E. Gutstein, Rachelle K. Sheely

And if so, did you find it useful?


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Sun, 10-12-2003 - 8:45pm

Well there are loads of good books.

For PDD-NOS in particular is the book by Mitzi Waltz, something like PDD find a diagnosis and getting help.