Learning Mandarin underwater...???

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Learning Mandarin underwater...???
Thu, 06-03-2010 - 6:20pm

When I have days like today I sometimes feel like trying to figure Euan out is trying to learn Mandarin, underwater, from someone who learned it in the 50s and has forgotten most of it...

Got an email home from Euan's ASD support co-ordinator who is working with him on the transition to high school to say that Euan is unhappy with the 'house' he has been assigned to and can we discuss it with him please?

So I try to discuss it with him. I have no idea what 'houses' are or what function they fulfil but from the website it appears that they are a way of grouping students for things like merit marks, sports day, etc. So why does it matter which one you are in? This takes forever...does he not like the name, the concept, the other children, the teachers, the colour, the fact that he is assigned to it and doesn't get to chose it, the fact that it is a 'group' thing, the merit marks, the association with sports....the fact that the name was written on the wrong colour paper (really grasping here). FINALLY we get to the 'problem' - different houses are associated with different teachers, and the teacher in charge of his house is the English/Religious Education teacher, and he doesn't like English or RE. And he TOLD his house leader this, and now he thinks (possibly with good reason) that his house leader now hates him, thinks he's rude, and he'll never get any merit marks ever for anything ever.

Oh god. This took FIVE HOURS of discussion to sort out. All because one poor school secretary randomly assigned him to something on her database. And now that we have discussed it TO DEATH it turns out it doesn't matter ANYWAY because he has no interest whatsoever in acquiring any kind of group merit marks or supporting his house in any way shape or form so he could have been assigned to the Top Physicists OF THE WORLD house and it wouldn't have made a blind bit of difference.

*sigh* I try, I really do try to translate the world for him, but sometimes I feel like I am floundering around with a really useless dictionary of some language that NEITHER of us speaks. It's hard enough when I am *there* and he gets the wrong end of the stick, how I am supposed to figure this stuff out second or even third hand when my informant is living in Aspie-world is beyond me.

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Fri, 06-04-2010 - 4:59pm