Long time lurker, occaisional poster....

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Long time lurker, occaisional poster....
Fri, 06-20-2003 - 8:31am
.....thought it was time I posted again!!! I have been reading posts very often lately and soooo many bells are ringing!!!!

I am a single Mum to a very challenging 8½year old AS son and a (so far) NT 3 year old daughter. We live near Sydney in Australia. I am a nursing student and the kids are in school or daycare.

Meltdowns are our life at the moment!! Tonites was over the TV remote! We came home from Mcdonalds and the TV went on. DS decided it was his turn to choose a channel, even tho' we had discussed on the way home that it was almost bedtime. He tried to snatch the remote from me so I resisted, no way was I going to let him get it. I ended up putting it down my jeans!!! (the things we do!) anyway he proceeded to physically attack me so I guided him to his room and shut the door, he of course opened it so HE could slam it!! Next thing I know he is knocking on the front door to be let in as he had climbed out his window. He then went back to his rubbish dump (sorry room) and proceeded to rearange things for around ½ an hour then came out completely calm as if nothing had happened.

That is a pretty typical meltdown and we have them almost daily, I am at my wits end. He rarely has these meltdowns at school or at his Dad's (but life there is DS centred) I really can't understand why this is! I mean, at Dad's I know why, but what about school, why does he save it all for me?? He also has Tourettes and is able to mainly supress his tics (mainly the vocal ones) and so when he gets home, they explode, drives me crazy!!!

He has been on both Zoloft and Catapres, both of them made his behaviour worse, particularly the Catapres, he couldn't sit still, and was only sleeping 4-5 hours a night. Last month he was talking about wanting Dinosaurs to be around 'coz they kill people and he wouldn't be alive then' He is under a Paediatrician who specialises in 'Gifted Kids with problems such as AS'(his IQ is Genius Level) and also a counsellor and the school counsellor is always available.

Well, I don't really have a question, I just needed to tell someone who understood I guess.

I hope to post more often here, I am on semester break from next week.


Mum to Addison (8Nov94 AS, TS & OCD) & Eloise (10May2000 NT, 34wk Premmie)

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Fri, 06-20-2003 - 11:26am
WOw, I do so relate. 2 Days ago my 7 y.o. DS told me he wanted to go to heaven because there are no bugs there. Said he would find a big animal to kill him. He also told me he is stupid because he doesn't listen. While it is true that he has a very difficult time hearing us and listening, he is also very gifted. (never formally tested so I don't know how high for sure). He is starting to show OCD traits too. He had some at 3 y.o. and they mostly got better(although he has always been rigid, at least he wasn't doing the handwshing and checking stuff anymore), but they are back. He has been very stressed lately, so I think it is related to that. Would love to hear more from other moms with OCD kids as I am trying to figure it out. I am wondering if it just comes and goes because it is mild, or because he is young and it is going to get worse as he gets older.

As for the meltdowns never at school but always at home, that is my older AS dd (who also has mild TS). The structure of school helps alot. Plus she is not comfortable enough there to meltdown. Instead she withdraws which is barely noticable to her teacher. Mostly she holds it in and saves all the stress until she is comfortable enough at home to explode.

Everday in Kindergarten, Mike would explode the second I picked him up. Usually over some little change, denied thing or sometimes nothing at all. I had to walk this child who had been perfect all day to the car while he was screaming and hitting me. He had been under stress all day so when comfortable ol' mom was there he would just melt. However, Mike was not always perfect in school, so the teacher was more understanding. Cait has never had meltdowns in school. HEr biggest behavior problem is being non-compliant and that only happens when something is really going wrong.

Just wanted you to know you are not alone.