Lurker here w/special ed question?

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Lurker here w/special ed question?
Mon, 07-21-2003 - 10:54am
Hi, my name is Angela, I've lurked here a few times. My son was diagnosed PDD, but if he has it, its very very mild. He is in a special ed class and is caught up to his level, still having a lot of sensory issues though. He will be moving into 2nd grade this fall, and will be having 45% of his time in a regular classroom(art, music, gym, recess, comp.lab those kinds of things). As far as paying tuition/or book rental fees, should I expect to pay that. I have no problem paying it, i just don't know. It threw me off his kindergarten year, they needed to evaluate him so they had me take him to kindergarten 1hr 2x a week. At that point they refunded me the kindergarten book rental fee, and then about 3 weeks later, they put him in special ed for half of the time and then the other half in kindergarten. they did not make me pay then. I paid full price in 1st grade, but they didn't even have their papers there at registration time, so I don't know if I was to pay or not. Whats typical for special ed? Any help would be appreciated.

thanks angela

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Mon, 07-21-2003 - 4:50pm
First off.. Welcome to the board!!

I really don't know what to say about the rent fees. I think it depends on your school district

and policies. Is your child in a public school? We are in Texas and

everytown around me that I know of, doesn't charge rental fees exept

for things like band instruments. If they refunded your kindergarten

book fees then they'd probably do the same thing there on.

For the last two years, the school has given me a copy of books to keep

at home during school and he kept a copy at school so he wouldn't have to

tote them back and forth. Can you give the school a call and find out?


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Mon, 07-21-2003 - 5:40pm
Hi, Angela, welcome to the board!

I would be interested to know what state/area you live in. Most elelmentry schools don't charge a book rental fee. Not that they can't, but the PTA's and teachers unions feel that book fees go against the idea of a 'free public education'. If the state you live in has extended their 'liturature compensation rights' to include elementry and/or middle schools then it is normally the decision of the local PTA to descide whether or not to charge a book fee at that level.

However, if they are charging a fee for spec-ed books then they are beaking the law. IDEA specifically states (in MANY places) that all liturature and services will be provided at the school district's expense. They can charge a rental fee for mainstream books but NOT spec-ed ones.

As far as finding out what the fees for his mainstream books will be, or even if there are any, you should contact the general administration office at your ds' school. Book fees are a part of the resitration package so it would be the people in the main office who should what, when, and how much when it comes to stuff like that. If, for some reason, they don't have an answer for you, insist that they help you find out. You have every right to given as much time to prepare for your ds' upcoming school year as possible, especially since he's in spec-ed. You already have tons of other stuff to think about, as the 'responible educators' they are responsible for helping you prepare and providing you with any and all information you request in a timely manner.

Let us know how things go. I don't have any expirience with public elementry schools who charge book fees (just things like txlynn equipment, etc). I'm interested in finding out exactly how that works, not just how it's 'supposed to work', ya know?



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Tue, 07-22-2003 - 6:36pm
hi angela, my dd(10)w/AS started sp. ed last yr. Here in Ca. it is free without any book rental fees. I've never heard of that. Are you enrolled in public or private school? My dd is pulled out with the resource teacher 3X a week. It took me 2yrs. to get her in sp. ed & she was really struggling so I insisted on another IEP & FINALLY got her in. Good luck to your son in 2nd. grade. I wish my dd had gotten help sooner. MaryAnn
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Thu, 07-24-2003 - 6:58pm
Hi again and thanks for all the responses, I'll call the school, but I kinda felt funny asking the school if I really needs to pay book rental fees since hes in special ed. and in that class for the main learning curriculm, he'll spend 45% of his time in the regular classroom but only mostly for recess, lunch, art, gym, music,and computer lab. All his main learning curriculm will be in the special ed. classroom. I'm positive that if I'm not supposed to pay for it, that it was a mistake on their behalf and I should have asked then, as far as last year went. I was confused on the matter, because before the evalutation was done, they asked me to stop bringing him to Kindergarten, requested the refund for me, then within the same week just had me start bringing him 2 days a week for 1 hour each day until the evaluation was done. After the diagonis came back they immediately started him in the regular halfday special program for kindergarten. I was confused here, I wasnt' sure if I was supposed to pay then, and figured if I was then they would let me know or catch me next year.

the following year, I went to pay for my 2 kids, my oldest, was $98 (2nd grade)for her rental fee, and for my ds(pdd) it was $101(1st grade). They didn't have either child in the paperwork, as it was a new elementary in same town, but already had the paperwork filed at the previous school. So at that point, the mistake was made, they didn't have the paperwork, called the schools, and just had me pay the fee and it would be worked out.

I hope you can follow this, our school system has 4 elementarys, 1 Jr, and 1 Sr High. We relocated to the area, at a temporary house which was in the WEST Elementary SChool, and by then end of the year moved about 3 miles away to the Farmerville School(all in the same school system).

I guess the fees are for text book rental fees. I live in IN. He didn't have any books last year, he had a desk in his regular class. He was learning from folded paper books to read. I don't know, as I said I was kinda confused,and I should have spoke up then.

Well thanks for all replies.

Hope I didn't confuse you even more