Malls Offering Quiet Visits with Santa

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Malls Offering Quiet Visits with Santa
Tue, 12-03-2013 - 5:02pm

Various malls are now offering visits with Santa for autistic children who can't handle the noise of a normal shopping day at the mall:

Meeting Santa Claus at a shopping mall can be horribly hectic. There are large crowds, long lines, and holiday music blaring from speakers. It's a recipe for madness -- and for children with autism, it's especially unbearable.

So, malls across Canada are now offering special 'quiet' Santa visits for kids with autism, CTV News reports. A few malls in the U.S. are also offering similar programs, according to 13News Now.

The special visits occur before opening time, according to CTV. In Canada, nine malls offer the program -- eight more than last year.

“We thought we could do this and make such a difference with these families and their holiday experience," Elena Price, a marketing director from one of the participating malls, told the Toronto Star. 

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Do you think that your mall would be open to this idea?