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Thu, 02-25-2010 - 1:41pm

SO cute...and SO driving me nuts LOL!!

He is obsessed with Olympic Hockey. I don't mind making a tv available for him to watch it on. It is the incessant running commentary on everything he sees or hears while he is watching it that is driving me crazy!

"Mom, Luongo has saved 938 goals,and the Russian goalie has saved 911 goals, so that means Luongo is better. Mom, number(insert number here) is skating funny. Luongo is in the net mom. Mom so and so just did such and such"....*sigh*

The. Entire. Game.

I got a "time out room" problem solving sheet home for me to sign yesterday. He didn't go to the time out room,but he had to do the form (What happened, why did it happen, how can you prevent that problem, what will you do next time). He got it for talking at the carpet after his SEA and teacher asked him to stop. Now...this is a constant problem. Luckily, it is usually the biggest problem they have with him. He talks constantly. They have tried 5 strikes and you are out of the room(I stopped that one). They have tried letting him keep tokens to earn a treat at the end of the week. They have tried ignoring it and just moving him if he is distracting others. And now this.

My point of view? He's verbally stimming. He CAN'T not talk constantly. But...I can see how they feel the need to try to curb it, because it will not be accepted as he gets into the higher grades(a reminder that here there is no segregation....a total of two segregated elementary classes in this district, for the ones that there is NO way can be integrated...and even then we have a lot that "can't" be that are)

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Fri, 02-26-2010 - 7:50am

Gotta love 'em!

From how you describe it I think this is something he *really can't stop* - ie he's stimming, as you have guessed. Which means that no amount of rewards/punishment will affect the behaviour. I can see why the school want to get it down, particularly if it impacts on his work and on his social integration (not to mention how disruptive it will be to other kids), but I really think they need to be a bit more realistic about their expectations, and pragmatic in their approach. If he's doing it to 'decompress' (this is how my Aspie describes it, like he has to physically process an event or new information - he does it by handflapping and muttering to himself) - it's a bit like dreaming. If you don't do it you can go nuts.

Maybe you can talk to the school about why they want him to stop. If it is because it is disruptive, then maybe you can try and identify key triggers - eg a new bout of information etc - and let him have 5 minutes 'space' in a quiet corner to do it. It may be that you can gradually wean him off the quiet corner as he gets older and better able to contain it himself. If the issue is that it is disrupting his own work, again if you give him 5 minutes to clear his head he will probably be able to focus better.

sorry it's a problem and I haven't any better ideas - but I do think you should talk to the school because I don't think what they are doing is working!

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Fri, 02-26-2010 - 4:56pm