Mentally Exhausted and Confused

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Mentally Exhausted and Confused
Tue, 11-09-2010 - 11:04pm

I just don't know what to do from here, if there is anything more I can do at this point. I feel my anxiety building every time I think about it. I mostly just need to discuss this with others who may understand or even get some advice from those of you who have been dealing with things longer than I have.

My 6 year old dd was diagnosed earlier this year with PDD-NOS. With most ADS kids, her visual scores are very high and verbal a bit low. We also just got her tested by a speech an language specialist and they found that she has a mild to moderate expressive language disorder and mild articulation disorder.

Right now she is 100% general education classes. As far as I know she is doing well with what she is learning, she was at midterm. Her class has a stop light system for behavior. Most weeks she has been getting 1 non-green light per week. I can live with that. Last week I found they also have a black light (worse than red) as Lilly got one on Monday. They were doing the state testing last week and she was doodling on the answer sheet and aparently wouldn't stop when told by the assistant. No testing and a substitute Tuesday (green) and Wednesday (yellow). Back to testing on Thursday and she got another red light (don't even remember why now) and Friday red once again this time she stepped on another students hands on purpose. When asked why she said 'I wanted to'. I have to wonder if that testing was affecting her behavior.

Yesterday back on green. Now today back to red. Her teacher wrote that she stepped on another student's hands again. She was crying, insisting she didn't do it again. Also that she was being very defiant with one of the assistants (same one as last week). Lilly also explained what went on with the assistant. She said she was working on an assignment and wasn't done when the assistant told her to stop

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Wed, 11-10-2010 - 11:57am

I agree, you need an IEP and you need the school to evaluate your daughter's needs. And it is up to you to push for this. You don't need to be asking for anything in particular, I would see it that it is up to you to point out the problems, particularly those that are disability-related, and it is up to the school to find solutions. Clearly, they can't tell you there isn't a need for support when her behaviour is causing concern and she has a diagnosis. Ideas from the PP are all good: visual timetables, timers, clear boundaries and instructions, and also a clear set of rewards for stages of tasks might help. Punishments are not very useful for ASD kids as they often can't connect the activity with the punishment so they don't learn how to change their behaviour - as far as Lilly is concerned, she's in trouble because the aide gave her a red light, not because she trod on anyone's hands.

Some input from an ASD specialist would be helpful too.

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