My son Jake (14yrs old)... PDD NOS, Anxiety, and ADHD (kind of long)

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My son Jake (14yrs old)... PDD NOS, Anxiety, and ADHD (kind of long)
Wed, 05-18-2011 - 10:19pm

My son has struggled since preschool - now age 14, he is still emotionally immature for his age.

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Have you talked to the school / teacher about ways for him to remember school assignments, like a planer or Agenda then write everything in it.

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Welcome to the board. I have a 12 year old Aspie with sensory issues. And definate organisational issues LOL

One thing that has helped is working very closely with his school to give him visual timetables - in each class, and for home work. having a very organised system for papers and a homework diary that I check each day with him. His teacher checks with him what he needs to hand in, and he doesn't lose stuff because it all has its own place in the folder. (sometimes, he forgets the folder. then we have a whole other thing to deal with) Getting him to help design the system, and the rewards when he gets the system to work, helps a lot. So DS an 'buy' computer time by completing homework, and the TV does not go on anywhwere in the house until he's finished. I also get his teachers to write an approximate time each task shuld take - eg 30 mins for a math paper - so he knows that the Hell of Homework will not go on forever. Usually, if he stays focussed, he completes thing well within the time and thus gets extra time for 'play'. If he doesn't stay focussed he can stop after the 30 mins but he then needs to explain to his teacher why the task is not completed, which he finds excrutiatingly embarrasing but I think is reasonable. He leanred VERY quickly from that.

As for senory issues around clothes. Let It Go. My son wrote the longest, funniest, most eloquent essay I've ever seen him write for his teacher and me about 'Why I Will Never Wear Shorts And Why My Mum Will Grow Very Old And Tired Trying To Make Me'. I can barely get him out of his hiking boots. His other sensory issues prevent him eating enough and I have too many big battles on my hands to sweat the small stuff. He can starve and wear shorts, or he can eat and wear trousers in summer. (well, we live in Scotland, so 'summer' is a bit of a misnomer anyway). Frankly, I'd rather he ate.

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Wow! Your story is similar to mine. I have a 10 year old ds who has PDD-NOS, ADHD, Anxiety and senory issues. He was a good baby, pretty easy. My dd is 2 years younger and I started thinking something was not quite right with him around the time she was born. When she was 18 months and he was 3.5 she was talking better than he was. He lined up dinosaurs and cars. I did have him tested and evaluated when he was 3.5. He has had an IEP since preschool and gets speech, OT and social groups. We moved last fall and in the new school district he gets even more services which I am thankful for. He is very unorganized! He can remember the strangest facts about animals or pokemon but he can't remember where he put his shoes. His normal voice is very loud and when he is upset or excited it gets even louder yet when other people are loud he covers his ears and complains. He is a senosry seeker and always has to be touching something or someone. He wiil be standing next to me and put my hand on his head to rub it. He puts his shirts on backwards all the time and his socks are bunched up, he doesn't seem to notice. But he doesn't like to be dirty. HIs anxiety is mostly over school and grades, test and such. He has a hard time making friends and getting along with others. I don't really have any suggestions for you now, sorry. If I think of any I will let you know. Just wanted to say how I can relate to your story, thanks for shairng/

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I write a blog,, that discusses a lot of these issues - my son has multiple disabilities including PDD, ADD SPD and anxiety so we have experienced a lot as well over the last decade!
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Yeah my daughter is the same. Full of fear. She doesnt go to school. She is homeschooled but now she is attached to my hip. Almost 16 years old. She has touch sensitivities too. Not very forgetful but has tons of anxiety. I am worried that in 2 years she is not going to be ready emotionally or mature enough to go to college. I too would like to hear from moms who have dealt with this.