Need some input on.....

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Need some input on.....
Tue, 05-06-2003 - 8:51pm
my son's IEP. It is comming up and my concern is he is always going to get the runaround because he is highfunction. He is potty trained, he is able to communicate a lot more however for that same reason, his challenges are getting to be less compare to the other kids in his early childhood class. I feel he is still in need of more work when it come's to comprehension and also the ability to control his emotions more because he is very loud when is happy. I don't mind but I know that kid's in school can be cruel and tease him for it. He is no longer flapping his hands when he is happy but he does close his fist and brings them up to his shoulders trying to control his flapping. He is very socially happy I think sometimes toooo happy, however when he gets mad he does get mad and it scares me because most teachers don't realize or don't understand this disability. Can anyone give me more input on what can I ask for on his IEP and also any suggestions on how can I work at home with more challenges that he eventually will have as he is growing up. Some information regarding him he is 5 yrs, he started going to kinder for half time. I have been working with him at home very primitively applying to the best of my knowledge the ABA and the PECS system.They also work with him in shcool. Applying some of the methods.He walks by himself to the classroom. He is too trusting of people, and he is my beautiful boy. Thank You for reading and any input will be appreciated.
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Thu, 05-08-2003 - 5:53pm

It pretty much sounds like you know what he needs to work on but

maybe you're afraid the ARD/IEP won't go like you hope it will?

My son is high functioning too and if someone walked up to him, they

wouldn't know right off anything was wrong until he starts

with all his questions, noises, figeting, asking questions he's

already asked etc etc. He also is very trusting of people

and has no idea of 'danger'.

Have you wrote things down like in your post to give them at the

meeting? The meeting is for you to also tell them what you

expect for him as well as it is for them to tell you what they CAN

do for him. I hope it goes well. I wish I could give you more

detailed information. Just go in there with confidence that y'all

are a team and going to do the best for your son.