New here- Hi! AS/SPD 3 yo daughter- HELP!

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New here- Hi! AS/SPD 3 yo daughter- HELP!
Tue, 05-24-2011 - 11:14pm

Hi! My name is Joy and my 3 yo daughter, Delaney, has SPD and seems to have all the warning signs of AS [OCD behaviors, lack of social skills, little/no eye-contact full-on meltdowns, unable to calm herself, obsession with certain interests (cats and princesses only) , etc... Anyone have a good checklist for that?)] We haven't had her officially diagnosed and I'm not sure that I want to... any advice on that? Can they even do that at this young an age? We have her in OT for the SPD and her therapist is amazing. We have learned so much that helps her (therapeutic modulated listening/proprioceptive activities- jumping, swinging, running, breathing, etc) but there is still the AS tendencies that show themselves all the time. :( I"m having a really hard time with it lately. We'll have a good day or two and I am SO EXCITED that things are getting better...!! ...and then the next day she's screaming bloody-murder in whole foods because her eye got poked or she (gasp!) dropped her princess out of the cart...!

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Wed, 05-25-2011 - 4:08pm

Welcome to the board!

Whether you get a dx or not, she will still be the same kid with the same challenges and same strengths.

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Wed, 05-25-2011 - 2:21pm
Hi Joy, it's nice to "meet" you! Getting a diagnosis does seem so final and permanent, but it doesn't mean that she can't grow up into a very happy, well-adjusted woman. With the diagnosis you'll know how to help her reach her full potential, and it could be limitless what she is able to accomplish.

This is a very supportive board, I'm glad you found it :)