No services in DFW, TX?

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No services in DFW, TX?
Tue, 09-14-2010 - 5:39pm

I am in DFW Texas area. I have been on the phone for weeks trying to track down a place for my son to get services. Dallas Children's is so full, they won't even put us on a waiting list. Cook's Children's has an admissions procedure that we are still in the process of. We have been going through the admissions process since June. I had my insurance give me a list of psychiatrists who specialist in autism spectrum disorders. One wanted me to spell Pervasive and had never heard the term Pervasive Developmental Disorder before, so I have a had time believing they really have so much experience in Autism Spectrum Disorders that they should be claiming to specialize in it. Other places, I have left messages. This has gone on for months. I am so frustrated.

Where and what does everyone else do for services and to get their child help?

I feel like my son needs to be medicated now, but unless I want to take him to a doctor who has no experience with PDD-NOS, there seems to be no one. There is also no therapy anywhere.