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Mon, 09-13-2010 - 12:39pm

This year for Victor has been stellar. He's a freshman in high school now, in JROTC (Army training for HS students for those who do not know) and even joined the Drill Team. Drill Team are the guys who go out onto the field and twirl the rifles around. Well he even got a place of honor in the color guard. Personally I think it's because he was a bit slow to pick up the routines but he's so proud of himself for going that far and Iam too. He's even going on his first away night ths Friday with the team.

The biggest surprise to me came yesterday however when he looked at me and said "Mom, sometimes my head just gets all foggy and I can't shake it loose". The neuropsych he saw when he was 11 said there was absolutely NOTHING he could do to help Vic anymore than scholastically until Vic was ready. I'm scared about broaching the subject with him. For those who do not know, Victor was misdiagnosed with ADHD as a younger child and we all knew he never fit there but the treatment helped him until he was 10. Then we got in to see a psychologist who gave him the dx of Aspergers but put him on a new med every two weeks. This made Vic so loopy he swore off all medication. The boy still would rather lay down and sleep than take tylenol for a headache. I think a small dose of Straterra again would probably help take the "foggy" away but how do I get him to even consider it? I don't want to take away from any of the good he's been doing either. I'm so proud of how far he's come. Do I suggest medication to him, suggest going to the doc again or do I just say to heck with it and enjoy what he has done until he voices concern more loudly? Advice, Opinions?