Out of the mouth's of Aspies

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Out of the mouth's of Aspies
Thu, 09-04-2003 - 9:38am
Yesterday was Jordan's 1st day of 4th grade, thank god because I didn't think I could survive another day of school anxiety that's been happening around here for the past month.

The teacher asked all of her students to stand up and tell the class something unique about themselves. Well guess what my little Aspie said - "I have Asperger Syndrome and it's a gift, but we don't know what exactly my gift is yet." This was the first hour of school. I'm sure the teacher, who's well aware of his issues, was speechless after that comment. Oh boy off to another interesting school year with him.


PS - Jordan asked me this summer why was he different (a time to tell Aspies, according to the experts, that they have it is when they ask why am I different). I didn't get into specifics because I knew I was in for a "3 hour tour" like Gilligan's Island. I showed him the list of famous people who are believed to have AS and told him they all had specific gifts (talents) that they gave to the world because they were so focused on one particular subject. I was simplifing it and making it very positive but it seemed to work. I told him that he's too young (he's 9.5) to decide what his special gift is but time will tell. His special gift didn't necessarily mean he'll be really famous (he wants to be Bill Gates when he grows up) to anyone outside of his family and friends, but that it didn't mean we aren't really proud and honored to know him.