Prayers for Mike's 2nd grade teacher

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Prayers for Mike's 2nd grade teacher
Fri, 07-11-2003 - 12:30pm
Her estranged husband and oldest dd (14) were killed on the 4th in a traffic accident. Her 2nd dd was also injured but appears to be ok.

The most disturbing part and the reason I posted it here was the girls memorial at the school (it is my ds's K-8 school. She had just graduated 8th grade with my friends dd). My friend went. I guess the girl who passed away was "odd". Was obsessed with pigs, few friends, sounded to my BF like she had a number of similarities to our kids. Well the otehr kids in her class get up to eulagize (sp) her and kid after kid talked about how they were mean to her and never got a chance to know her. They were specific about telling her to go away and not let them join their group. About how weird she was. Some were giggling about it. Only a very few were remorseful. It angered me to the core. Even in her death they teased her in front of her mourning mother. To the families credit, they got up and said what a loving soul this girl was and regardless of the other children's behavior she would forgive them and the family forgives them.

Where were these kids parents! Why was this allowed to continue past the 1st child that did it. If they are that mean infront of adults after her death, what were they like in life! Makes me certainly continue to consider to homeschool Cait in Middle school. No kid should be subjected to that.


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Fri, 07-11-2003 - 4:02pm
OMG! Not only where were the parents, but where were the teachers? This was at a school? Yikes. Not all schools would allow that kind of behavior at a memorial, but it really saddens me to hear that some would. We went to a memorial at a school here a few months back (two boys were hit by a drunk driver while crossing the street) and one of the boys was *odd* too (BPD/ADHD). The teachers were great, they had each kid tell them what they were going to say before they went up and gave them pointers and a few giudelines on what was acceptable and what wasn't. It was a very nice service over all.

I'll keep the mom in my prayers. She must be going through so much right now. I can't even BEGIN to imagine the pain, though I've lost a child of my own. It's so different for each family. We had some warning before Arianna passed, so we had a chance to prepare a little. I think that makes a huge difference.