Private School Question

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Private School Question
Thu, 05-13-2010 - 10:02am

I Wasn't sure which board was best for this question and I knwo how smart you all are here!!

I have a friend whose son is in Kindy in catholic school. They told her they suspect her son may be dyslexic. The special needs coordinator feels they shoudl wait another year to evaluate for it. In the mean time they feel that he should be evaluated for OT and PT. She was told to contact her ped to get a referral and outside evaluation. Now I know that a private school does not need to provide these services, but can't she go to the public school and ask for the evaluation and if necessary get itinerant services for therapy if needed?

Thanks guys!



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Thu, 05-13-2010 - 3:28pm

I know here in our school district, the SD provides itinerant services at private schools within the district.


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Thu, 05-13-2010 - 11:24pm

Hey there,

Well what services they get in a private school varies state to state. Yes, children in private schools still have the right to special education if needed, the problem is what that means for a private school kid AND would he qualify at this age.

1) When they say waiting a year for testing for dyslexia for a kindergartener it leads me to believe they think he likely would not yet qualify. If he doesn't qualify then he wouldn't be able to access other services like PT/OT etc anyway.

The problem with little ones and special education for LD's is that at that age is that it hsa to be REALLY severe for the child to either be far enough behind or to have a significant enough discrepancy to qualify.

I have to tell you it is a MAJOR complaint of general ed and special ed teachers alike. It sucks when you see a kinder kid who won't qualify yet but you KNOW down the line this kid is going to need special ed services.

In public schools most do RtI now (Response to Intervention) which is basically providing help and supports to kids prior to a full IEP. The reasoning is that if they can remediate most of the kids through supports early on GREAT and if those supports don't work then those kids are the ones referred for special ed.

2) The level of supports available for kids in private school is different than for public school and varies state to state. For instance in CA basically it is consult only that is required. Special ed has to provide access to the curriculum. If a parent chooses to have their child in private schools then that access is provided through consultation to the private school. Some districts will provide some direct speech or OT but most do not and are not required to.

So they may be suggesting medical route because they know that he would be able to access more that way.

3) and finally, often it is good to take a multi-dimensional approach using both medical and educational therapies. There are some skills that will be worked on in one setting and not the other. For instance, feeding. Feeding is only addressed in schools if it is affected at school. So if the child can get adequate nutritional intake in school no feeding goals but the medical model on that may be quite different.

With both my kids we sought medical advice and referrals as well as educational. So both have gotten outside speech, OT, social skills therapies, etc. Most of my students have outside therapists as well. It doesn't hurt.

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Tue, 05-18-2010 - 10:09pm

I think it varies from state to state, but since both my kids went to Catholic school, I can tell you about our experience.

My daughter is NT, and she sailed through school with no problems (she's now in public high school).

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