Proud of my social story re: restaurant

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Proud of my social story re: restaurant
Fri, 08-15-2003 - 9:06pm
Well, I just spent an hour writing this social story for my almost 8 yo DS who reacts defensively to squirmy young children in restaurants and thought I should share it with the group here. Can't say how well it works since we just read it together, but we can hope for the best.

Going to a Restaurant

We are going to a restaurant to enjoy being with each other and to enjoy the good food. Sometimes we go to enjoy music or air conditioning.

Sometimes when I go to a restaurant there will be young children sitting close to me. Young children are going to the restaurant so their parents can eat and so they can eat too.

Children who are one, two or three years old sometimes look around them and stare at people. Sometimes these young children make noises that are loud. It is okay for small children to make these noises in a family restaurant. Family restaurants are Friendlies and other restaurants that offer crayons, like Pizzaria Uno.

Children who are very young should not be walking around the restaurant, but they can stand up in a booth or stand on the floor at the edge of the table. This behavior is age-appropriate and people who go to Family restaurants can expect to hear and see this behavior.

It is not okay for anyone in a restaurant to use a mean voice, angry looks or hurtful words. These mean actions make everyone’s meal unpleasant because meanness is not expected in a restaurant. It is mean to stare (if you are over 3 years old). It is hurtful to make mean faces at people. It is rude to comment about the child’s behavior.

When I am bothered by the children staring at me or when I am annoyed by their behavior or noises, I have some choices.

o I can remember that I am here to talk and listen to MY table of people…that other table is none of my business.

o I can strengthen my skills in patience, tolerance, ignoring and humor.

o I can try going to a restaurant that is not a family restaurant next time.

o I can smile once at the family and then ignore them.

o I can be proud that I are not being a mean grump, but I am a great person who knows how to have fun even if things are not perfect.

We enjoy your quiet, still, polite and amazingly fun behavior when you come with us to a restaurant. It is a real pleasure to be with you and eat with you.

I can do it! Let's have fun!

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Sun, 08-17-2003 - 2:23am
WTG Rose, what a story! Hope it helps!