Question about son with SPD

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Question about son with SPD
Thu, 03-01-2012 - 11:41am

My son has a moderate form of SPD. He was diagnosed at 18 months and is now 4. He has never shown signs of autism at all but I am starting to think that maybe he has a slight form of aspergers but don't want to just being an overdramatic mom so i thought you all could help.

Socially at school, with is friends he seems fine, actually great. He is a 'leader' in class and very outgoing. However, my son completely lacks empathy, regret, or anything for anything wrong he does. He knows right and wrong but with his SPD (he is a sensory seeker big time) he will often times get to rough or punch (not in anger) and can even hurt people but never show that he feels bad about it. For example, he made mutiple scratches on my forehead and didn't feel bad about it, only said sorry because we told him to. Then days later he noticed all the scabs and said, "did I do that?" I said yes and he just turned and walked away. It's the same for punishment, no reaction from him for anything. Taking away toys (even donating his toys), time outs, going to bed early, no real reation, he doesn't get upset. He used to have violent meltdowns when he was struggling with his sensory issues but he has been doing SO great in the past 7 months.