Question on school/diagnosis forms...

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Question on school/diagnosis forms...
Mon, 06-07-2010 - 7:16pm

I have posted before, (in the Getting to Know you section).

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Mon, 06-07-2010 - 7:44pm

Ask yourself what you want/need for Cam.


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Tue, 06-08-2010 - 12:10am

I think it may be a simple misunderstanding.

It sounds like the doctor thought you needed an "official diagnosis form" kind of like a perscription so they sent basically what would qualify as that.

I think what you are looking for is his full report.

What kind of doctor did you see? A neurologist report from an initial visit wiht a history, questions and basic neurological testing may be a few pages. A 20+ page report is probably more like a neuro-psychological report with additional testing like IQ testing, etc. Or it could be a multi-disciplinary report with findings from a variety of professionals (sometimes testing are done separately - speech, OT, PT, psychological and other times they are all done by the specialists but combined into one comprehensive report). Those are PAGES AND PAGES long.

Ask the doctor again if you can have a full copy of their report. At the very least I have always been able to get a couple pages from a neuro even on follow up visits.

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