Question for you all

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Question for you all
Wed, 08-20-2003 - 11:36am
I am not sure who all will have info on this here but I know there are a couple medical people around here as well.

I hadn't thought much of this until I mentioned it to some friends when I came back from Vaca. Mike had a weird episode at my mom's church a couple weeks back when we were in Mass. He complained of being tired and hot (typical of him in church actually. Anything to escape). Well he suddenly dropped to the pew and began to convulse, but never was completely un responsive. I took him out of church immediately. He was able to walk with lots of assistance but was complaining that his eyes and ears weren't working. That lasted a couple minutes. Then he laid on my lap outside for about 15-20 minutes pretty lathargic. He was fine after that and was his normal self the rest of the day.

DH and mom thought he was over heated (it was a hot muggy day) and hadn't eaten much breakfast. The general consensous was that he passed out. But after talking to some friends here they say seizure. Anyone have any thoughts? I figure I will call the neuro when the office opens today. Considering Cait has partials I figure it could be and it has been in the back of my mind. However, dh and mom thought I was crazy and he was just too hot.


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Wed, 08-20-2003 - 3:20pm

I think you are right. It could have been a seizure. I have known children and adults who have seizures that simply look like periods of inattention. Another possibility is that your DS nearly fainted. The statement that his eyes and ears didn't work sounds like the precursor to a faint. This could have happened due to low blood sugar or heat. Lying with his head down in your lap is a recommended position for preventing fainting (gets blood back up to the brain). Did you give him any food or water during the time he was recovering? It sounds like he had a sudden burst of energy afterwards, which could be be explained by a blood sugar increase. Anyway, I would check it out with your neuro because your family has a history of seizures, and it's always better to safe than sorry.


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Wed, 08-20-2003 - 5:37pm
Renee, it sounds like Mike just passed out. At work I have had patients pass out when I start an IV or just because they get really nervous before a test. Sometimes the person will seize in the process, sometimes not. The blood pressure goes way down & the heartrate goes to 40 or below. Sometimes it may be due to low blood sugar too. Having gone to Catholic school for 12 yrs., I have seen my share of kids pass out during mass.It does get hot & all that sitting & standing does it. I wouldn't worry unless it occurs again. That's just my oppinion. Take care- MaryAnn
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Wed, 08-20-2003 - 5:45pm
My BIL's girlfriend has been dx'd with Petit Mal Seizures.....basically, a seizure of "lesser proportions." Sounds alot like what you described...but could also just been "one of those things" with the heat, etc. Anyway, here's some info about the Petit Mal....


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Thu, 08-21-2003 - 3:32am
Hi Renee, I think I would have to go along with what Suzi said. While it does sound like a near fainting episode I think you should go ahead and see the nuero, just to be sure. Ayla had seizures that sounded almost exactly as you described when she was younger. she would first complain of being hot, then she would loose control of her hearing and sight, then she would have the strangest seizures I ever saw. She would convulse for several minutes and couldn't remain standing. BUT she could still look around a little bit (roughly followed shiney objects) and could manipulate her hand in the dirstion of her dad or I as if she were trying to reach for us. I thought it was heat exhaustion the first few times I saw it. But on the third thrip to the base clinic the dr ordered her to be admitted. This was when she had her 24 EEG. Her episodes showed up as full grand-mal activity, which of course, stumped all of us since she hadn't totaly lost control. She was placed on Valprotate (valproic acid supliment) and the seizures ended. She outgrew it two years later and was removed from the meds.

On the other hand, lol, and you know I always have 6 or seven, I've seen lots of people pass out or faint in church, especially when it's hot and/or muggy. Infact, when I was a little kid our church had so many problems with people over heating that we (okay, so it was the adults, lol) decided to build a new building that was specifically designed to handle the AZ heat without causing astronomical airconitioning bills. The pasture even let everyone know that they didn't have to stand if they felt weak in the slightest bit. I remember him saying "I know that the good book tells us there will be times when we will suffer in our mortal lives for our eternal faith, but I don't think they meant it like this" He was refering to the people who kept saying "A good Christian will stand to honor their Lord, no matter the cost." LOL

Anyway, as you know, my background isn't medical, but those are my copper pennies. :)