referral to Neuro vs dev ped. ??

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referral to Neuro vs dev ped. ??
Mon, 04-14-2003 - 9:21pm
Hi! I've posted once or twice on here about seeing alot of Asperger symptoms in my 10 year old son, after his teacher and his best friends' mom pointed them out to me as well. Anyway, I talked to his pediatrician and she sounded very concerned and referred us to a developmental ped. immediately for a dx. Come to find out, the dr is only in the office once a week and is booked until Sept. I talked to our dr. again and she said there's another route we can take that should be quicker - going through a neurologist and psychologist. She sent the emergency referral in and I just need to make an appt with those drs. My question is -- is there mucch of a difference going thru a developmental ped vs neruo and psychologist to get diagnosed????

Is there anything I can do in the meantime? I've read several books on AS, written out the things I see in my son, and am trying to redirect the way I react to some of the different things he does rather than get fustrated and mad.

Any input?



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Thu, 04-17-2003 - 9:27pm
Hi I just read your post & thought I'd respond. My 10yr. old dd was just diagnosed this yr. Her teacher last yr. was the one to observe that something was going on, but I was in denial & just had her eval. this yr. We went to our peds. who ran thru the criteria with me & agreed that it was AS but she also referred us to get a 2nd oppinion She gave us the option of going to a neurologist @ Children's Hosp., a psychiatrist who works with AS kids, or a child's psychologist who has social groups, etc. I am an R.N. so she left it up to me. I chose the psychol. but we also can't get in until June! My dd definately has the social aspect going on, some sensory issues also, some OCD type behavior, etc. but it seems mild compared to what I've read up on. Her school psych. said the neurologist would be more inclined to do testing like MRI, brain scans, etc. If your son has a lot of neuro-sensory issues, then I would go that route. Otherwise, I would wait to see the dev. peds or go to a child's psychologist who will do the AS scales. Good Luck, Mary Ann PS, I live in San Diego
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Fri, 04-18-2003 - 11:53am
Let me guess, Dr. Trauner - neurologist, Josh Fader- psychiatrist, or Cynthia Norall- psychologist. We see Dr. Trauner for Cait, Mike and David.

Josh Fader, although I have heard is quite good, doesn't take many insurances (if any) and is quite pricey. I don't know too much about him except that he specializes in autism and I belive floorplay. I hadn't heard he did much with AS, I thought he more dealt with children with more classic type autism, but I could be wrong.

Cynthia doesn't thrill me as she thinks she is Gods gift to autism and aspergers. I have heard from a number of people (parents and professionals) who are quite annoyed with her. She has a habit of putting other professionals down in meetings and giving her oppinion and making recomendations in areas that aren't her specialty. She has a collegue who is quite good.

I do like Dr. Trauner, although I have heard the complaint that she does diagnose AS quite easily. I do believe that could be true, but I think the others may do that as well. In her defense she did see David and say that he is definitely not on the spectrum although he is probably ADHD and is being tested for seizures as well. I did like that she did an EEG with Cait. She is doing a lot of research into epileptic aphasia. Through Cait's EEG we were able to find that hers is quite different and she may have epileptic aphasia and partial seizures. This makes sense since she has a history of regressing in skills. Even as recent as last year, on day she could do certain work in school and the next day, completely forgot the same things.

Just thought you might like to know a bit more about those three.


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Sun, 04-27-2003 - 4:01am
Ah, the dreaded wait list! Two things:

1) See if you can get the school district to do an eval for special ed. It's relatively quick and it's free. Talk to your local PACER Center ( about it if they balk. In MN at least if the district does an eval and refuse services the school has to pay for a private eval if you disagree. PACER will know your rights in your state.

2) If that doesn't work and you want a dx right away, contact your local Autism Society branch or school nurse, or PACER, get a list of specialists, and get on every list you can TODAY. You can always cancel. Ask yourself why you want a dx right now.

3) Cry & stuff. We were told "months to wait" too by everyone but when I told the clinic how badly my son was falling apart at school, suddenly he got in right away. Too fast as it turned out b/c we wasted our money when the school could have just done it.

4) Check your insurance--very confusing coverage in this area if you have it at all. The school is by far the best route to go if they will do it.

Good luck.