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Thu, 08-14-2003 - 12:27pm
Does anyone have any experience w/Risperdal? My 8 y/o Justin has been taking it for almost 3 mo. to help him sleep and keep the night terrors away. It works great for keeping the night terrors away(& improves behavior throughout day) but he still gets up almost every night. I take him back to bed and he usually goes back to sleep no problem. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful to not have him up with night terrors anymore but am I asking too much to be able to sleep all night? A week ago we just had the dose adjusted b/c he gained 6 much needed lbs. and he's still getting up in the night. We are lucky enough to have a 2 y/o that loves to sleep and has slept consistently through the night since she was an infant but I have an 8 y/o who is up constantly! HELP

We like the med b/c night terrors are gone and he eats now. (He also takes Adderall & Tenex to keep him calm/focused during the day)

If anyone has had any experience like this I would appreciate some advise. We don't go back to psych until mid Sept.


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