Should we still keep going to the PhD?.m

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Should we still keep going to the PhD?.m
Mon, 09-01-2003 - 12:21am

We have been seeing this PhD since June, and we've completed 4 meetings so far, this is also the amt. of meetings that my insurance allows, if we or the PhD feels that we still have to continue the sessions, the PhD, should send a written treatment report to my insurance, stating why we should still keep on going, then my ins. will then decide if they'll cover the services,if they don't think it is medically necessary, they probably won't cover it.Now my question is, should we still keep on going? honestly, I don't think that we should still keep on going, since there seems to be anything that he tells me that I don't already know, I feel like it's just a waste of time, he recommended food allergy testings, done by the allergy Doc. that he recommended., we're still waiting for the results on the testings, so we still have to see the allergy Doctor.We are scheduled to see the PhD on Sept.7th.I really don't feel like going anymore,we're already doing all the things that we think would help my son, he's also getting ST,OT, Social/adaptive services from the school district. we've also taken him to a Developmental Ped. and his Dx is ASD,( the Dev. Ped. wants to see him again next year for follow-up) the main reason why we seek for a Dx is bec.we don't want the services taken away,for lack of it. Now that we got the Dx, from the PhD and Dev. Ped. I don't feel that we need to keep going to the PhD anymore, anyone been on the same situation before?


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Mon, 09-01-2003 - 2:53am
Hmmm, that's a tough descision to make. But I would have to say that I would discontinue seeing the PhD....after the next visit. Get the stuff from the allergy dr back first then decide. But of course, if it comes down to money (which it too often does) then you really won't have much of a choice. The good thing is you got the dx and the services your ds needs from the schools. When all is said and done that's what really matters. Remmber, lots of Aspies grew up in the last century without any intervention of any kind and did just fine. My DH, FIL, and DGM are living proof of that. Your DS has the benifit of getting help while he is still young. He'll be just fine, with or without the PhD.

Do what you think is best for you and your family and keep us updated. :)



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Mon, 09-01-2003 - 10:41am
I would keep the professional that is most helpful and you respect the most involved with an appointment at least once yearly. I agree I think in your case I would go to the developmental ped. If you have someone involved they can help keep track over the year of progress, note anything new that needs to be addressed. Also, if a situation where you need them comes up, be it letters to the school or some new issue that arrises with ds during the year, then they are already up to speed and has your ds as a patient.

We use a neurologist, mostly because Cait has some eeg abnormalities, but we use her for Mike too. We see her more than 1 time a year because of medication, but otherwise I see her 1 time a year for a follow up.

Mike does see a psychologist about every 3 weeks or so. He helps us with behavioral strategies, relaxation strategies for anxiety and social skills. He usually gives us a couple new skills to work on each session. He also runs social skills groups (when he has enough clients) available through our insurance. If your psychologist can help with those things and it is covered by insurance then you may want to consider it. IF not, why bother.


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Mon, 09-01-2003 - 12:07pm
Have you checked with your ins. co to see if you have just maxed out on your yearly visits? It may be that you aren't eligible to get covered for more visits in 2003. That is how my ins. works. We will get a clean slate for mental health related visits at the beginning of next year. If that is the case, and you feel you might like to use both those doctors again, you could just Wait until after Jan.



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Mon, 09-01-2003 - 4:29pm
Candes,rbear4 and sio64,

Thanks,I feel the same way, My Dh is an undiagnose Aspie but he did just fine,no meds. no intervention etc. he can keep a job, and he's wonderful with me and ds.The PhD basically just asked what we've been doing with him, and when I asked him where we can possibly get more speech therapy, he gave me a business card of a Personal assistant,(who's fee is $250.00 a month a or $50.00 on on need basis) whose job is to make the decision for me, which of course, I didn't feel the need for.I could see the need of Psychotherapy when my ds is a little more older,'cause right now, all the social skills group that they have are geared towards older kids and adults. His IEP includes, social skills, so I think that would help a lot.he's been a lot better on that area lately,'cause we try to get him play with other kids at the park and take him to social situations more.I don't think that the allergy Doc. will stop seeing us just because we stopped seeing the PhD who recommended him right? With us, it's not a matter of whether we want to continue seeing him with the insurance covering it, if I feel I still need his services, we wouldn't mind paying for it. It is the time spend going there that we're more concern with,we lived in an island, and takes the ferry to go to the mainland to see any Specialist, pretty much we have to spend the whole day when we go to one.And when we see this Phd he doesn't have that much to say, I do most of the talking,he is learning more from me than I from him seems like, all he does is give me the title of a book that I can read, which I can find for myself.,he can't even provide me an expalanation on why he thinks the PDD-nos Dx is more appropriate, I found that out by myself with all the visit on this board and all the other boards and websites I visited.:)

To answer sio64 question:

I don't think that we've maxed-out my ds's ins.for the year coverage just yet, the PhD said that they allow 4 follow-ups, based from his experience,I just don't feel that we need to keep on going is all.Everything I have to do by myself anyway, like getting more speech therapy outside the school, I took him to our local hospital got him evaluated last June 23rd,and had the ST reports faxed to my ins. and this time they didn't say it's not covered, they're just asking for a report of his most recent pediatric neurodevelopment report from a Developmental Ped. so I'm glad we took him to one I got the report last week,now the ST at the Hospital can fax that to my ins.heopefully we'll be able to help them cover some of the private ST.

Thanks again,C.