Somedays. . .ughhhhhh

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Somedays. . .ughhhhhh
Fri, 08-01-2003 - 3:00pm
My 9 year old ds is on Luvox and Strattera for anxiety issues and it's working great, no problems with the medication and so much calmer. However now that the anxiety is minimal the Asperger's has gotten more intense. He constantly misinterprets everything (more so than when he was anxious)and everything is something tragic (no matter how minor it is).

For example, according to him, the counselor won't let him get a drink of water at all and he's dying of thirst. He's not going back to camp because everyone is too mean. What really happened the counselor didn't have another counselor to walk him back to get a drink (they were on a field out of sight of the main building and the counselors have to escort them they can't just wander). He refused to go to camp the next morning unless I spoke to the camp director. I had to go to camp and explain (for the millionth time)my ds. Oh and I forgot the incident with the pool. He's got sensory integration dysfunction and all the kids in the pool making all that noise hurts his ears so he refuses to get into the pool. Yet he moans and groans that he's too hot at camp.

Somedays I can't take it anymore when ds gets into my car and tells me the long list of "injustices" done to him during the day. I feel like I'm cleaning up after the biggest elephant in the world. Or if anyone remembers Welcome Back Kotter, Juan Epstein's mother who always wrote notes to Mr. Kotter about her son, that's me.

I fully understand and am very sensitive to his issues and 90% of the time I'm really trying to help him but somedays are just ughhhhh!

Thanks for letting me vent.


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Fri, 08-01-2003 - 4:49pm
First of all....((((HUGS))))) I know how that negative viewpoint mixed with constant misunderstandings goes. Ayla (12, PDD) is the same way. Sometimes it feels like your spending all your time trying to explain other people's points of view to the point where your not allowed to have one of your own. Most days I can handle it b/c I usually just throw on my 'shrink hat' and calmly explain things to her in terms of clinical psychology. But sometimes I just want to cry....either that or sleep for a year.

She gets sooooooo bent out of shape over little stuff. Like today at lunch it was her sisters turn to cook. Sam asked Ayla if she wanted some soup and Ayla said no, so Sam only cooked enought for her, her sisters, and cousins. Then Ayla got all pumped up over not having any lunch either. It turned out Ayla DID want something to eat, just not the soup, but she didn't bother to say that, or make suggestions. So, in her mind, her sister was purposefully starving her and didn't make her anything just to be mean. Turned out she wanted tuna sandwitches, which some of the cousins would have liked too. If she had just SAID something then Jade (assigned kitchen helper for the day) would have jumped in and helped Sam make both the soup and sandwitches. Instead we had snide comments and a lot of elbowing of the ribs going on between Ayla and Sammi. Poor Sammi was so frustrated with not getting all of the information in the first place that she went and sat in her room and cried for a while. Sigh, I wanted to go with her. I gets frustrating sometimes.

go ahead and vent, yours made me feel better. It reminded me Sam and I aren't actually alone. But it sure feels like it sometimes.

Thanks for your post,


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Sun, 08-03-2003 - 10:50am
Hi, my son is also on meds, Adderall for his hyperness & inattentiveness & Risperdal at bedtime so he doesn't have night terrors (works great!! for all you with kids with night terrors)

I found this website

where these people's daughter was put on Prozac, I'm going to talk to our psych about it soon.

A couple suggestions for camp issues, maybe talk to the councelor about allowing him to have a water bottle (do any of his meds make him thirsty? a lot of meds do) I'm sure they'd allow it, especially if thirst is caused by meds.

Also, if he'll tolerate it maybe use the silicone earplugs for swimming, might block out some noise.