starting to wonder about 7 year and aspergers

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starting to wonder about 7 year and aspergers
Wed, 03-16-2011 - 12:45pm

My 7 year old was recently diagnosised with ADHD but I feel there is more. Some back story he had a birth defect, cleft lip and palate, around 3 we noticed he was showing severe reactions to noice. I am talking holding his ears and screeming in terror over a marching band. Got all kids of answers, pedi says it could be his palate, cleft team said its normal 3 year old he will out grow. Well he is 7 and he still hides during a parade you tell me have he gotten over it.

He does have other sensory issues, we had to have ONLY soft pants in kindy, but he's out gown some of that. We did have testing down around 3, but to be honest thought the lady was a bit of a loop. Had issues because he wanted to knock down tower of blocks, well thats what we do at home, but now I wonder if I shouldn't have dismissed her. I really forget all the details but his motor skills were addressed and well we had to ban scissors and crayons at home (he drew on walls and cut nana's draps) but we had just moved him to a formal day care so while she had recommended re eval in 6 months when day care had no issues we dismissed it.

So kindy starts and motor skills an issue again. Long short we get OT and PT, he is on an IEP for physical delays in his motor skills. Even with 2 years of OT and great strides in his motor skills they still don't see him being on pace with class. He has always been an active kid and recently we did have him diagnosised with ADHD. We are in the process of finding the right medication so are super sensistive to every little thing I see.

Crying has always been an issue, he's a senstitive child, but lately its meltdowns, when something doesn't go as planned its meltdown. This morning he wanted to play on my phone well my phone had been acting up and game he wanted was gone and he melts down. What got me was a classmate when asking why he was upset and Liam was doing us "ugh" she looks at me and goes he always cries. I wanted to die.

When we started the meds, I know he had a few instances in the class but I don't knwo the extent, when I met with pedi last week I discussed what happened at home if we went off the schedule I created he was hysterical. Then last night it was over his spelling test and I wasn't made but he was insistant words that were wrong were right and again full blown meltdown.

I have wondered before about him. I do known an apergers adult and sometimes I see Liam in him and sometimes not, DH thinks I am crazy (but still getting him on ADHD bandwagon) and again some things that are classic signs I don't see in him, but I don't see in my friend's DH and he is high functioning so makes me wonder again is he on the scale somewhere???

anyway rambling with just a few minutes left on lunch so guess what I am getting at asking is what were you signs and how did you go about finding out exactly what was up. We go next week and she had suggested talking to school abouty school pysch but now thinking we need to go outside the school because they can only do so much and if will end up there anyway....

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Thu, 03-17-2011 - 9:35am

I would push to get him tested. It's always helpful to know what you are dealing with and he's of an age now where it would be easier to diagnose him than earlier (it's notoriously tricky to accurately diagnose Aspergers early, so may of the 'symptoms' can be down to other things). If your mummy gut instinct says something 'else' is going on, it probably is. Keep a record of all the unusual behaviours and quirks, try to keep track of times, triggers, sensory issues etc. a picture or pattern over time is usually more useful to work with than isolated, unexplained incidents.

You may or may not get the answers you are looking for, it's not an easy road, but good luck

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