Teen jobs?

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Teen jobs?
Sun, 07-18-2010 - 6:53pm

My son wants to get a job. Yes, this is true, he is about to turn 16. I am worried! I am afraid when he has issues, the people will just think he is a teen who doesn't make an effort. In reality, he does make an effort. He just does not get far with that effort. He needs habit in order to remember to do something. Plus, even though he really wants to relate to others, he does not always do a good job of that. Plus, his fine motor skills and processing skills are his biggest problems, so what if he is constantly being given orders or something and he cannot remember them long enough to do them? I also do not want to tell anyone about his special problems as I am worried about gossip (older teens tend to be the bosses of younger teens) and prejudice.

What do you think? BTW, my son is quite smart and comes off as such. Then people just think he is disobedient.

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Sun, 07-18-2010 - 10:58pm

My dd is getting close to being in a similar position. At this point she's not quite 16, and she hasn't found anyone to hire a 15yo, so I haven't had to confront it fully yet.

When my AS dh was a teen/young adult, he went through quite a number of jobs due to them not working out well for him. Dh didn't know at that time that he had AS, though, so maybe our knowledge of dd AS will help her be able to find a better match for her skills.

I know that a couple of our local grocery stores hire people who are lower IQ. Although my dd doesn't have low IQ, I'm hopeful that a place like that will be more accommodating of people like dd who struggle to do their job right the first time. I've also considered places like movie theaters where the jobs are probably less stressful than McDonalds but are still manageable skill-wise for dd.

Another place to look for jobs that might be lower stress work environments is local gov't jobs. Our community doesn't do it, but a nearby community has a summer intern program for teens. The federal government has a few jobs for students, too.

Even if ds gets a job that doesn't work out, it will provide some learning experience for him to build on for the next job.

One thing I try to reassure myself is that there are a lot of NT people out there who aren't at the top of their game, and they manage to get and keep jobs. If they can do it, our kids have a chance at employment, too!

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Tue, 07-20-2010 - 6:53pm

My son is 14.5 and has been volunteering at our local Museum for about 6 months now. First, he was working for the Star Wars Exhibit and now he works in the kids science museum. He really loves it and they seem to like him. He did a snake demonstration recently and did a great job - you know a captive audience for him to talk about snakes all he wants. :) He needs to work a little on his public service, like knowing what to do when someone asks him a question NOT science related (like where's the lost and found, etc.) But he's learning and he's a volunteer so as long as he doesn't mess up too much, he can get the on-the-job training. Once he is 16, he can apply to become a lead, to oversee the 14 and 15 year old volunteers, and hopefully with 2 years experience, he'll be able to get it.

Anyway, is there any museums or science centers in your town, that might a great place to start especially if your son likes science. Or another job I thought might work would be a movie theater.

Anyway, good luck to your son and I hope he finds something that works for him.


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