Thanks for all the replys

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Thanks for all the replys
Thu, 08-28-2003 - 2:01pm
I just wanted to thank all the people who were so thoughtful and thorough in answering my questions (below). Your insights and advice were all greatly appreciated. I will definately be contacting an EI contact. Vaughn was assessed at 1 for physical delays since he was a preemie and had some physical therapy until he was walking (at 14 months). However, I am going to wait about another month to do so. We have had a rough last few months while our house was being built. Our rental expired so we were living with my mom and dad for 2 months. We have been in our new house since mid July. I think Vaughn needs to get a little more settled after being shuttled around so much. I will continue to lurk and post. Thanks again for the warm welcome.