There is really an Aspies board at PS!

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There is really an Aspies board at PS!
Tue, 08-12-2003 - 12:43pm
I have been on the PS boards for over 4 years. I lead the Developmental Activities Board, but I never knew about this group. My DS, Cassian, is 3 yrs 9 mos, and we are having him assessed in December. I am fairly certain that he has an Autistic Spectrum Disorder, as I am a psychologist (PhD specializing in early childhood) with much experience in childhood disabilities. I have been working with him at home as much as possible, and his communication and tactile sensitivities are improving. Here are some more details on DS:

If pressed for a diagnosis at this time, I would probably choose Aspergers. Cassian reads at a 2nd grade level with good comprehension, counts to over 100, can do addition and subtraction with numbers under 10, tells time to the hour, and is obsessed with Sesame Street. His language is good (first words at 17 mos), but he has difficulty interacting. He often gives no response when spoken to, although I have had great success teaching him some social scripts. In the past year, he has mastered "hello" and "good bye" scripts, and we are working on his response to "how are you." He does respond to questions that you ask him about what he is doing.

Cassian spends a lot of time doing imaginative play that is fairly repetitive. It is difficult to enter into his imaginative play, but he does like an audience. He likes being a one-man-show for people he knows well. He also loves to memorize and recite poetry, dialog, songs, etc. It is easiest to communicate with him through written words or songs. He really attends to these well.

Cassian has tactile sensitivity issues that we are treating with brushing and various tactile media. He also needs a lot of work on self-help skills and fine motor skills. His gross motor skills are good, although he does have trouble learning new motor sequences. He has not figured out how to pedal a bike yet, for example.

We feel lucky that he is a cuddly affectionate kid. He is more attentive to people he knows than to strangers, and he pretty much ignores other children (although he is gentle and careful around them).

Our main hang up right now is potty training. Number 1 gets in the potty because I take him every 2 hours. Number 2 goes in about 50% of the time. He does not tell me when he needs to go, and rewards don't seem to change his behavior. My guess is he is being held up by the same sort of cerebellar deficiency that keeps him from learning other complex motor acts, like pedalling a bike, drawing with crayons, and social interaction.

Our appointment with the Developmental Pediatrician is not until December, which is making me pretty crazy right now. We just came off a year of unemployment (DH was a displaced telecomm engineer), so I was really ready to jump in and get a formal diagnosis this summer. Anyway, I have been looking for a group that I could chat with informally about Cassian, especially when we have a tough day, so I was excited to see the title of this board. I'll be back frequently (more on those tough days).


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Tue, 08-12-2003 - 2:37pm
Welcome Susan!

I was waiting for a board like this for a while and decided to

ask PS to make one a few years ago. I'm glad it's here too!

We are always excited to meet new people. (especially those dealing with

the same things we deal with day in and day out).

December seems like so far away, but in the meantime you can

jot down behaviors and things that will be helpful for the doctor to

note during the diagnosis process.

Welcome again, Rebecca (mom of Tim, 12 PDD, ADHD. (was originally

dxed with ADHD at age 3, the PDD diagnosis came at age 8).