Took ya'lls advice!!

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Took ya'lls advice!!
Wed, 06-04-2003 - 10:05pm
Well, our neighbors were all taking their kids to the pool tonight. So i dug out Catie's swim suit and changed her, and tagged along. They had extra floaties and an extra ring...

At first she didnt want to get in. I was shocked. But i think the pool was too cold. I think it freaked her out the last time, maybe it was cold then too. But we put her in the hot tub (it was warm) and she really enjoyed herself. I taught her to go in on the stairs, and to jump off the lower stairs. Once she was in the water, i showed her to kick kick kick. She was getting around pretty good in the hour we were there. She was getting a little bolder with the jumping off the stairs.

Now when we left, it was a MAJOR melt down. We went through the 4 more jumps, 3 more jumps. Tried telling her we were going home to eat, get a cookie, get juice, watch blues clues, nothing worked. I had to PRY her hands off the gate as we left. MAJOR melt down. Dh ended up throwing her over his shoulder and we walked through the complex with her freaking out. At one point i thought she was going to start throwing up, she started coughing and gasping. We were home for about 15 minutes and dinner was on the table before she finally stopped the screaming. UGH

My neighbor went to the dollar store and picked her up some floaties... So now she has her own set. I told my DH we need to really start taking her several times a week.

Her speech therapist called and i told her to situation. She talked to a teacher of the autism class, who recommended that we take digital pictures of her getting ready to go to the pool, take a pic of each step. And then put it in a book. And then go over the steps each day. And then when we get ready to go to the pool, get the book out, and have her find her suit, find her floaties, etc. So she will know NOT to go to the pool with out them.

So, we will find out if this works. But all the other kids were great to her, and she had a blast. i hope she sleeps good tonight.

My neigbors are coming over to play cards... WOO HOO. So i have to run.

Thanks you guys. This board has really been a life saver. I appreciate all the support you guys have given us!!

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Thu, 06-05-2003 - 11:29am
Great news on the swimming front. Pity about the meltdown but it will improve(my personal mantra:).