Trying to plan a vacation . . .Q's?

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Trying to plan a vacation . . .Q's?
Fri, 07-11-2003 - 4:15pm
I am probably asking for it - but DH promised the kids we would take a TRIP on Spring Break next year. So now I am trying to plan it. Of course, we have special requirements:

1. Have to have a kitchen to cook all our meal because of DD's severe food allergies.

2. Need to be AT the attraction - not driving to get to it from hotel, etc.

3. Don't want to leave the midwest.

4. Limited budget.

5. Can't be too stimulating or mind-boggling like Disney or anything.

6. I'm thinking two days tops.

7. Preferrably not a place with alot of kids as that will agitate my DS.

Does ANYONE have any ideas?

Maybe we should just stay at home. *sigh*


Thanks for any input.


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Sun, 07-13-2003 - 8:15am
Hi Sande,

My family and I like to go camping. Is that a possibilty for you guys? I'm not talking about tents 'round the campfire, LOL, my kids would wander off and get themselves killed. But we rent an RV and go to something like a KOA. We take short (overnight or two night) road trips and scedual our destinations to be rather close to the homestead or other 'safe' place. Last summer we took the kids to the Redwoods in Northern CA, they liked that okay. And durring the winter DH took a few kids to Bulhead City in AZ to watch the Leonid meteor shower (close my mom's house).

We like having the RV so that we can keep the kids 'contained' and we have a small kitchen so we can cook our own meals. Eva is diabetic so that kind of thing is important to us. Plus, we figured out that renting the RV is about the same as a halfway decent hotel. Of course, I'd kinda like room service, LOL. Oh well, can't have everything.

Let us know what you figure out! :)


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Mon, 07-14-2003 - 1:37pm
Ditto's to Candes' ideas.

We are just leaving on our first vacation in 4 1/2 years on Wednesday. We are doing the same as last time (driving cross country. So much for a little vaca.) Anyway, we rent the Kamping Kabins at the KOA's. THey are everwhere. Every KOA has a pool. Many have other attractions and planned activities. There are Kamping Lodges at some with there own Kitchen and bathroom. I know most of the Kabins run about $30-40, the lodges are a bit more. You can get all the prices at their website. Plus if you spend $12 for the year you can get a valuekard and save %10 on all your stays.

In the Midwest there are tons of National Parks and National Monuments and there is usually a KOA nearby. There is also camping at the parks but they are usually a little rougher in accomodations and don't always have the pool and such. However, some of the bigger national parks have Cabins too. I don't know about kitchens though. The national parks tend to run a bit cheaper though for sites if you want to rent an RV. You can get info on all the national parks and what there is to do there at thier website. It was easy to find. I just did a search.

In the Midwest I have heard that Mt. Rushmore is a great stop and doesn't have crowds. One of the least visited parks I beleive. I will be driving through the midwest on our way back and have done it a couple times before. Where are you in the midwest? If you are anywhere near Tennessee, we are going to chattanooga and I was amazed at what was there to see. In Missouri we went to the maramack caverns and the kids loved it.

What ever state you are thinking of visiting, do a search on that state and tourism. Every state I looked up has a tourism board website. THey all sent me free vacation guides complete with all the attractions, maps and lists of accomadations. Many even listed teh price range of the hotels.

Can you tell I have been doing a lot of homework on this.