Vacation Bible School

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Vacation Bible School
Mon, 07-14-2003 - 8:42pm
Well, let me tell you about MY day today!!

This morning started VBS at a church down the street. We don't really have a homechurch of our own anymore since moving around with the Navy, so we didn't really know anyone there. No big deal, tho, because VBS was open to anyone.

The kids and I walked down there to sign up and start the first day. Tristan was REALLY psyched and looking forward to "activities" (which he made a point of reminding me of about every 15mins from the moment we woke up!!). Hollyann had been kinda' excited, but was now in tears as we registered, saying that all she wanted to do was go home. After some talking - and sweet, honest, brotherly compassion from Tristan - she decided that I should sit with her thru songs, then she would decide by the time she was to head off with her class. Let me tell you, by the time she was to go downstairs to her classroom, she practically pushed me out the door!! ROFL

I left around 9:30, and went back around noon to get them. Hollyann was giggling and talking with her teacher and new friends. Couldn't see Tristan at first, then one of the adults says to a little boy, "Tell Tristan - the one in the white and red shirt - that his mom is here." He pokes his head around the door frame, and tears are STREAMING down his face!!!!!!!!!! OMG - this broke my heart! He ran up to me, crying, saying "I missed you Mommy!!" over and over and over again. Ugh, I wanted to melt right then and there!! I stood there holding him for a few minutes, talking to some other people and listening to all the fun Hollyann'd had. Then finally, one of Tristan's teachers came to us, and then the program "director", and both of them said that this hadn't started until it was all over and done with and he was waiting for me. The director even said that he was one of 4 boys that volunteered at the end to come up front and help lead one of the songs they were doing!! (which really surprised her, because last year, NO boys ever did anything like that!!) During all this, he is telling me "I do NOT want to come back tomorrow!!" and still whimpimering.

Once we got home (to which he clung to me the entire walk home - either his arm around me or clenching my hand!), he started talking about stuff he had done, but still wouldn't go near the idea of going back tomorrow. Around 4pm, once he started talking to Daddy about it, he was s-l-o-w-l-y coming around to the idea. By the time he fell asleep - 7pm, in Daddy's chair, while watching 'Charmed' with us - he had decided that he would go back tomorrow if I was able to come around 11:30 and watch the video and do closing songs with them. That is NOT a problem for me!!

Something we DID find out, tho, throughout the span of the day --- his fears about me coming back were seemingly brought on by a couple kids at the church. See, some of the kids at VBS are actually staying at the church campgrounds right behind the church. They told him that they were staying there all night, and were confused and therefor trying to convince TRISTAN that he was, as well. He takes the word of others as solid, so he just meltdown into tears right there! (and with all that confusion and chaos of the first day, can't say I blame him!!) I did, however, manage to make sure that the director knows about Tristan and his dx - and she totally understood and was wonderful with it. (it is also listed on his registration form)

I will be sure to let you know how he does the rest of the week - but at least for today,I was very proud of both of them - Hollyann for getting over her fears, and Tristan for handling the whole day so well and only getting freaked out at the VERY end!!

Just had to share all that!!


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Mon, 07-14-2003 - 11:03pm
Aww, what a brave trooper he was. I must congratulate him for

being a good big brother and helping his sister out in the beginning.Tim

would of been scared too if he thought he had to stay there all night.

My two other children are the youngest and Tim (PDD) is the oldest.

My youngun's help him so much and act like bigger brother and sister

that I sometimes forget that they are still little and need me

just as much as Tim does. This is also another reason I've

drifted from the computer in the recent past. Although I value

anything I can learn online (and share others experience), I think the best way I can know of

my childs needs is the quality time I can spend with them.. if any.

Computer will be around forever, the kids will grow and not need

or want my pressence as much. We had VBS too this summer and

I felt too tired to go to the songs and closing of the

days but I still made it and was glad I did. It's hard to work

and still be there for the kids 100 percent.

Well, I think they are finally asleep so I'm going to go to bed now. Just

wanted to check in one last time for the day before turning in.

Rebecca (oh, and please do let us know how the rest of the week goes..)

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Tue, 07-15-2003 - 1:20am
Hi, no wonder your ds was upset! He thought he was going to be camping out & you were leaving him stranded there for awhile. Therin lies the problem! If he knows now that he isn't staying & that you will be there at 12 to pick them up I think he'll do better tomorrow. Our kids need lots of reassurance, esp. my dd(10). She is going to summer school & she always has to clarify that I'm taking her in the AM & dad will pick her up. Changes in routine are scary for her. Take care & hope VBS goes well~ MaryAnn
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Tue, 07-15-2003 - 5:37am
Oh poor Tristan! (big hug for the little guy) Jade would FREAK if she were left in that possition, thinking she had been left overnight w/o being told. You handled it great Mom(and Dad) :)

Cudos to both the kids on doing so well at VBS. That's awesome that Tristan takes his role as the big bro so seriously. :) Jade thinks being a big sister is the greatest thing on earth....except when Eva gets into her books or Angel is crying at 3am, LOL. I'm sure it's not like that ALL of the time, it isn't here either, sigh. But it sure is wonderful when you see them have such a direct and wonderful impact on their younger siblings. Just makes your heart melt.

I hope Tristan has a better time of the 'ending' part from now on. Please let us know how the week goes. :)



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Wed, 07-16-2003 - 10:58am
Here's an update.....

Tristan woke me up Tuesday morning around 7:30, telling me how excited he was to be going to Bible School!!! Guess he got over all that confusion and fear and was now looking forward to everything exciting. I was so proud of him!! He even brought tears to my eyes when I showed up for closing songs yesterday, because he was singing and doing the arm movements (song language, I call it) right along with everyone as if nothing had ever happened!! Occassionally he would look back over his shoulder and smile or wave at me, but he was just as happy as could be! In fact, when we went shopping last night, he was telling anyone and everyone all about the jellyfish that he made (upside-down plastic cup with ribbon and beads hanging off of it!) and the story of Jonah - even when we had friends stop at the house for a few mins, we had trouble talking because wanted to tell them all about it!! LOL And then today, he was the same way - anxious to get out the door and get VBS started for the day!! (wow, I sure don't look forward to next week when he realizes he doesn't go anymore.......but will deal with that when we get there!)

Hollyann, on the other hand, swapped places with my little dude! We walked in in the morning, and I was all ready to sit with her and ease her into the day (Tristan was already up with his group - forget telling *mom* goodbye!). As we walked into the sanctuary for opening songs, she looked at me and said "Well, Mom, are you going home or what?!!" LOL So, I kissed her head and left and she bounced right up to the front row with her class. BUT, when I got there at the end, she was in tears. After a few songs, her teacher brought her back to be with me and she calmed down. The teacher said that she'd had a fantastic day, she just doesn't seem to like going to the songs. I think the main problem is, it's a small sanctuary, but the sound system they are using to play the music is VERY loud, especially for the 3-5yo's in the front row!! So, for the rest of the week, I am still going for the last 30mins or so, but Hollyann will be sitting with me in the back row - she promises that I do that, so will sing and do the song language. We'll see!!

Friday is the last day, so I will put up the rest of the week's updates that evening. Now I need to go and get ready for closing songs!


Hollyann(5 1/2yo, NT), Tristan(7yo, PDD-NOS, ADHD, left side sensorineural hearing loss, (unoffical dx)bi-polar)