Vaccine info?

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Vaccine info?
Fri, 05-30-2003 - 9:58pm
I was talking w/ a friend of mine who is raising her grandson (he's 10) and he's autistic. They believe strongly that he is vaccine injured and I can see that. I remember him when he was a baby and he was so cute and social and loved to be held and played w/. Then he "changed" and was just, well, different. They didn't know he was autistic for a few years though and then the mom and dad divorced and the dad couldn't take the baby and the mom didn't want him. So grandma (dad's mom) is raising him. She's awesome w/ him though b/c he is a 24/7 job for sure! And she homeschools him too! (our special ed program in our school district is terrible and several aides have been fired, had charges brought against them, etc for leaving bruises on the autistic kids)

Anyway, we were talking and she said I should check into vaccine injury for ds. I don't know though b/c I never noticed a change. My question I guess is this: is there evidence that vaccines have contributed to asperger's as well as autism? I've seen and heard the studies for autism but since asperger's is on the same spectrum - would it apply there as well? How do you know - or do you - if vaccines are what affected your child?