We had our eval today!!!

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We had our eval today!!!
Tue, 06-17-2003 - 12:19am
I'm not too happy at how it went. I never even got thru my little notebook of things to tell them. I mainly answered the questions they asked---telling some of the issues we have--but not all. Hopefully they will call me. We first met with the neuro dr and the speech path. They observed him and talked to us. Then the neuro left after about an hour. The speech path stayed with us and talked more and listened to us. Then the psychiatrist came in and did her testing as they video'd him. Then the speech path did her testing--while I went with the neuro and answered medical hx questions. After I came back---the neuro did an exam and we went home.

I still had soooooo much more to tell them. I felt like I was rushed. We were done at EXACTLY 12pm. Now they will try to diagnose him with only the info they have and not complete info. Great!! I feel we will get a wrong diagnosis.

I don't think he will be diagnosed with PDD or AS. The speech path was interested alot in how he carries on conversation---which he really doesn't. He also showed how he answered some questions with "off-the-wall" answers.

But overall--I thought he did pretty well. He did show signs of having too much and started acting silly--answered every question with "poo-poo" or "potty". I was surprised that he did some role-playing. He looked at the dolls funny when she set them on the table---but then he did give them food--after she told him to. He just wanted to get back to the airplane!! He also couldn't tell her what was going on in the story that they were reading.

He's known his colors for awhile--but when you ask him what color something is---he can't tell you. But when you reword it and ask--"which is red"?--he can tell you.

So--I'm a bit frustrated and may call them tomorrow. I want to make sure they have all the info.


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Wed, 06-18-2003 - 12:21pm
That sounds like my Tim..lol (the off the wall answers and saying Poo Poo

words) I hope you get some answers soon. I know how you feel to

be rushed at the appointments. Sometimes though, the drs can be so

experienced with something that it doesn't take them long to

get an answer. I know all of our kids are unique though and we

want them to know every single behavior they have before any Diagnosis.

You should probably jot down the unanswered questions and take it to

the next visit. Even if they tell you a dx, butt in with "What about the -----

or the----?" to help you fill in the blanks. They may

or may not be able to tell you how it all interweaves in with the diagnosis or

if it's just a separate characterisitc.

Good Luck, Rebecca

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Wed, 06-18-2003 - 3:24pm
Yesterday the speech path called to get more info. I was glad. We talked for about 45 min. I was able to go thru my notebook of things. She did say he definitely has a language/processing problem and will need therapy for that. I asked about a diagnosis and she said since he is so complex and has symptoms of every disorder--he probably won't be diagnosed with anything firmly until a year or so. We have an appt with her on Monday to discuss what we do now. Just knowing that he has a language problem---may be the root of all his behavior and not any other disorders. I'm sure we will get more info on Monday!!