What is Christmas???

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What is Christmas???
Sun, 09-21-2003 - 1:18pm
I am glad i lollygagged around before making this post and i read the "Christmas Already" posts first. I was going to complain at the fact that Caitlin doesn't know who Santa Claus was, or what Halloween is, or what Christmas means. But i guess in my own way, i am lucky i don't have to go through the obsessive behaviors you guys do.

But i guess my question was when did your kids finally understand holidays? Caitlin still has trouble understanding time and days. I have to remind her she only goes to school on Tuesdays, Weds, and Thursdays. On Friday she wakes up and says "School day mom?" and i say "not until Tuesday. Ok?" and she looks at me with a blank stare. I realize i need to get a calender and help her understand the days of the week.

But how do you explain to your child the whole concept of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthdays, Halloween?? She doesn't even know how old she is. She finally started telling us what her name was when asked! lol

And like i said, i probably have about 12 of you wanting to trade places right now and have a child who is completely oblivious to holidays and days of week. But i think by now i should be trying to teach her something about them. I am up for any suggestions.


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Sun, 09-21-2003 - 7:52pm
Actually, altho Tristan starts early with wanting his Christmas gifts, he knows that what he is going to receive will be small - especially compared to the kids in his class.

He knows that Santa will bring him between 3 and 4 usually bigger-ticket items (because there are much need-ier children out there that need him, too), and that we will only give him three, because that is how many baby Jesus received from the Wise Men (something we started when he was born, and still continue with). So, yes, he gets "very little" in the way of gifts for the holiday, at least from us, but it helps him to see a better picture of what that day actually means for us.

On Christmas Eve, we read the kids both the Night Before Christmas, and the Bible section of the Christmas story. And at some point during the holiday season, hubby tells them what he remembers about Santa from his German classes, so they have a better understanding of him, too.

As for how we tell him "when" something is....he has his own calendar that he can write any special dates on. He does pretty good at determining how long a week is (because of a school week), and about how long a month takes, but he still needs reminding from time to time. For us, tho, the calendar has worked wonders!!

Hope that little bit helped some!


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Mon, 09-22-2003 - 12:16am
Hi, I think my dd's learned about holidays in pre-school. They attended Children's World & it seemed like they had a Halloween party, Christmas party, this party & that party all the time. Plus Mom & Dad & grandparents & older siblings celebrate, so lo & behold by the time thy are 5 , they understand the meaning. I am Catholic so I try to incorporate the religious part of the holiday by taking them to church & trying to do some Toys for Tots activity or sometimes the school sponsors a family in need so they know it isn't all about them & that there are poor kids who aren't as fortunate. Take Care, Mary Ann
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Tue, 09-23-2003 - 6:30am
Actually, I'd rather not trade places with you, LOL. Eva was the same way about holidays last year. I'd take the obsessing over not knowing what is and isn't acceptable any day of the week. Last year Eva opened ALL of the Christmas presents that were out under the tree one day......3 weeks before Christmas. We have a very large and exptended family so the packages start rolling in somewhere around middle November.

Oh, then she threw away all the outgoing Christmas cards b/c there was no room in the mailbox for her to put her toy soldiers (she had decided it was there fort). (sigh) I had TOLD dgm not to mail them that way, LOL. This year she plans to take them to the post office like she should anyway.

Um, there was also her telling some other little kid that the fat man in red was a fake....no one's beard actually looks like that. Then there was the sampling of all the boxes of cookies Jade had worked so hard on as gifts to all her aunties. There was the trip to the hospital to have her throat checked out after DH dislodged the fake berries she had nibbled off the garland in the hall. Oh, and speaking of fake foods, she found out the hard way that the giant candy canes in the Wally World are made of plastic not pepermint and she was so upset about it she clocked a sales associate for offereing her a real one. And my favorite of favorites was the water gun that came out when the carolers came to the door......they were obviously escapees from the assylum and we needed to protect ourselves.

Oh no, I think I will hold onto the constant expositions of desires and wants, lest I have to deal with total lack of inhabitions. Now, if you REALLY want to teach Catie who Santa is and why we celebrate Christmas, may I recommend Children's Bible Goodnight Stories....$6 at Costco this year....and the claymation version of Santa Clause is coming to town. You can order the latter from amazon.com.

As far as Halloween in concerned, it's coming up fast, just help her pick out a costume and explain that everyone else is also in costume....those aren't REAL space aliens and Freddy Kruggers, no need to defffend yourself with a toy sword (which is what Eva did last year....My neightbor James -aka: Freddy Krugger- left our driveway with a limp.). Which brings up the question....how is it she saw right through the really good Santa costume but was totally taken by Jame's really aweful freddy costume? Sigh