What do you give your kid's teachers?

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What do you give your kid's teachers?
Thu, 08-21-2003 - 3:00pm
at the start of the school year? I always try to meet with them a week or so before school starts, so they can meet Chris (and he meet them) and I always give them a packet of information on AS so they can start the year with at least a little background about what they might expect from Chris at the beginning of school. My AS "packet" includes:

"Balancing the Tray" by Lenore Gerould

"Fitting In and Speaking Out: Me and Asperger's Syndrome" written by Martin, a 5th grader with AS

"Sensory Integration Dysfunction in Young Children" by Linda Stephens

"Lessons from the Little Professor/Asperger's Syndrome: Wired Differently, Not Defectively' from the January 14, 2003 Washington Post

"The Asperger Chronicles" by Jim Devine

"Why Does He Act That Way?" by Stacy Hultgren

I also give them the video "ASK Me About Asperger's Syndrome from Michael Thompson Productions, and new this year, I'll be sharing the book, "Asperger's Syndrome: What Teachers Need to Know" (I think that's the title)

By giving them this stuff a week or so before school starts, they can call me with any questions that reading the material raises. This has worked well for us since first grade (the articles/resources have changed, but the idea is the same).

What do you do to prepare your child's teacher for the experience of having your child in class?


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Thu, 08-21-2003 - 8:11pm
Tristan's IEP team is absolutely wonderful at this school, so I let them do alot of the "talking" for me. The day before school starts, we take Tristan in to see his new classroom and meet his new teacher -- takes away from being over-stimmed on the first day. It also gives me the chance to see if the teacher has had the chance to read the IEP and get to know Tristan on paper, and I'll answer any questions I can then and there. Luckily, the school does their best to assign T to a teacher who is patient and "knowledgeable" about special needs children. This year, I also have to make sure that the teacher knows about Tristan's FM-device...his hearing system that allows him to focus more on the teacher than any other sounds/noises in the classroom. (this is a device that the school is in-charge of, so there is only so much I can do with that!)

Now that T is getting older, I plan on offering to go in to this classroom and talk to the kids if the need arises. Between his hearing probs and his dx's, it can seem like he is really being mean or ignoring the kids at times - and most of the time he is completely unaware of it. Last year, there were only slight instances, and his teacher handled them just fine. But, I am prepared for 2nd nonetheless!! lol