What do you think about medical marijuana for behavior?

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What do you think about medical marijuana for behavior?
Thu, 01-24-2013 - 12:37pm

A friend of mine shared this story on Facebook, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.  The parents' autistic child is violent and harms himself, the video is just heartbreaking.  They have found that medical marijuana calms him down and allows his true personality to come out.  I'm glad that it's working for this family but concerned over the long term effects of using the drug.  Maybe it doesn't matter though?  



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I'm having a problem starting a discussion on this site.  Melissa is there a problem with the sites?  I tried both the ADHD and this one, but no luck.  Very frustrating.  I miss everyone and would like to share and get support.   If this works then it seems I'm able to reply to post, but not start one.

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Gosh, the videos are so heartbreaking. In their shoes, I'd probably do the same; it's about weighing the immediate benefits to their child, which are apparent, against the possibility of something that may or may not effect the future. Tough call to make, by anyone's standards.

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My (uneducated) concern would be that if this child in fact grows up to have a mood disorder, as my oldest daughter does, then marijuana at that young age will make it worse.  She had many symptoms growing up that suggested autism spectrum, but was never formally dx'd.  When she left home at 18 she started smoking maurijuana.  The doctors said this sped up the onset, and made the symptoms worse for her bipolar which was dx'd at 19.  Thankfully, she doesn't use this drug anymore.

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Long term effects of this mood altering drug versus the long term effects of the mood altering drugs available in the mental health field.  Hmmm...

I don't think the conversation should be about using it.  I think the conversation should be about the point of abusing it.

Just my thoughts.