What meds are your AS kids on?

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What meds are your AS kids on?
Sat, 08-16-2003 - 4:48pm
Well, its been almost a week since we got our diagnosis and dh has had his nose in the internet and I've been calling everyone I know who has a kid with autism! We are actually feeling relieved, believe it or not, with the diagnosis. At least we have a better idea of what makes this unique and bright son of ours tick....

Here are my questions:

what meds if any, are your children on?

At what age did they start?

Why did you decide to begin medication?

Is anyone using fish oil or diet with any results?

My son will be 6 in October, beginning Kindergarten in 2 weeks and is so anxious he is having trouble doing anything outside of the house. Our psych. is suggesting Zoloft to curb the anxiety, and fish oil as a supplement.


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Sat, 08-16-2003 - 11:37pm
Hi Donna,

My ds 9.5 years old has AS, which we've had a dx since September 2002. He is very anxious, had major meltdowns,very literal and rigid and had tendencies towards obsessing about anything and everything. We could not take it anymore and worse yet was his quality of life. The developmental ped put him on Luvox 50 mg for anxiety and obsessive issues when he was 8.5 last September. It helped greatly with the obsessive issues and alot of the anxiety but he needed another medication in June 2003. She put him on Strattera 25 mg for anxiety and impulsive anger issues (usually when someone doesn't "follow the rules"). The combination works great but unfortunately there's a transition coming and you'd never know he's on any medication. He's surly, nasty to everyone around him, extremely fresh and potty mouthed (washing his mouth out with soap doesn't help during transition time), refuses to listen (he's a very good sweet child who listens most of the time)to anything anyone tells him and freaks out over the tiniest things. Think Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Hope this helps.


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Sun, 08-17-2003 - 10:42pm
Hi Donna,

My ds is 8.5 has been on Adderall since age 5, orig. dx'd with ADHD, takes it for ADHD symptoms.

Was dx'd AS at age 6. Has been through a huge list of trial and error meds. Even had a lot of trial and error b4 Adderall.

Has been taking Risperdal for almost 3 mo. to rid him of night terrors.

Was taking Tenex for about the last 3 wks but it was making him get up in the night.

Now is on Celexa for anxiety and to help with rages.

Good luck,


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Tue, 08-19-2003 - 12:43pm
I have a "normal" 9.5 y.o., and some of the behaviors you've described (fresh mouth, likes to agrue about EVERYTHING) are what he's going through too! So it could just be the age. All I can say is school can't start soon enough! Hang in there...

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Wed, 08-20-2003 - 10:56pm
My son has been on meds since age 3. He used to be on ritalin a long long time ago.

THe meds he's on now are Adderall, Clonidine and Remeron and it's the

best he's been. We tried Risperdal and I noticed

alot of questions here about it, but my response to 'respridal'

would be negative and frightful so I tried to sway from answering

that one. We tried imiprimaine and it worked good too but after

so long on the same med it was time for a change. He was also

maxed out on the milligrams he could have of it and it got to where

he just wasn't being helped by the imiprimaine.

We had to start medication because he was hurting himself, banging

his head on the floor, and so many other actions that would take

a long time to write but I can tell you it wasn't very fun to watch

him being like he was. Tim is one of those kids who really

can't go unmedicated. I tried it before and there

was a time he ran out of meds because of my inability

to get them refilled (adderall is a triplicate so the dr couldn't

just call it in, I had to drive 100 mile round trip to pick up

the slip).. and going without for him was awful. I didn't

medicate him for MY convienience, but for his well being.

I tried Zoloft (for myself) a few years ago. I know it helps

some people. I had a feeling of "vertigo" while I was on it.

I felt like I was in non existence or something hard to explain.

Just my experience, I hope your child gets the help he needs. Rebecca

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Fri, 08-22-2003 - 11:50am
We tried Mike on Zoloft around 6. It did help the anxiety some, but it also made him more hyper and impulsive. I guess it can make the kids less inhibited so that is not an uncommon sideeffect. Now Mike is a boy who has very significant problems with hyperactivity and impulsiveness anyway so it was not a good match for us.

His neuro put him on Luvox a couple months back and it really has had the best results with his rigidity and anxiety. Both my AS kids are on Luvox as is my autistic nephew. All 3 have the same neuro and she has had good results with this med with children on teh spectrum. I have to say all 3 of these kids have had significant problems with anxiety and it has helped all 3 of them very nicely. It hasn't really reduced the perseverations as much as hoped, and it doesn't address attending issues, but overall I am very pleased with it.