Where is Everyone..School Year Appr (m)

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Where is Everyone..School Year Appr (m)
Fri, 08-01-2003 - 12:09pm
...is approaching soon and I am so upset with the Schools here. West Des Moines Iowa is where I live. These are labeled the best schools in the entire state but I feel so angry right now about the red tape with Schools in general! We just moved to a new home here in this area, same school district but different physical school because of the new location of our home. Well, I found out that my DD is on a waiting list for 1st Grade at the New School and they have no idea where the cap out School will be! We will register as a new family on Aug 11, Principals will meet Aug 13 and decide who will get in and who won't get in then decide what the cap out school will be! School Starts here Aug 20th!! Which leaves little time for getting a Supply List, a "getting feet wet.." feeling for my DD et al. My DD has Special Needs and the School Last year is probably not going to be the cap out school this year. I could raise a stink/argument about getting her back in there because she was already on the Roster and such, Special Ed is already set up there, but this waiting game is killing me.....

Thanks for letting me vent. A Bit irritated about this whole system!




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Fri, 08-01-2003 - 3:38pm
Wow, that stinks. I would think they'd be happy to help you out, given your child's special needs. It's not like you're the local mommy who just wants little Suzy/Johnny to be in the new school or with the 'favorite' teacher. Does the school from last year know that you were planning a move over the summer? It would have been nice for them to make some kind of transition plan or something.

Good luck getting situated, and with enough time to get settled in.