Will he EVER be potty trained???

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Will he EVER be potty trained???
Mon, 05-05-2003 - 2:49pm
I know I've brought this subject up many times before, but it's an issue that I am forever struggling with. And now that Alex just turned 6 and will be entering first grade next year, I'm getting more and more anxious about it.

Does anyone else here have this problem with their AS or PDD-NOS child? Alex will stay dry as long as he's TOLD to go to the potty on a regular basis (and this is often met with resistance). But he absolutely REFUSES to poop in the potty. His pediatrician had suggested having him ask for a pull-up to wear when he needed to poop, because his intestines were getting so irritated from holding it in. Dh and I decided that once he turned 6, there would be no more pull-ups during the day. Well, to say the least, I'm getting SO tired of washing so many pairs of underwear a day! He is so irregular in his schedule; it's impossible for me to watch him that closely 24 hours a day to get him to sit on the potty when I think it may be time; he always picks the few moments that I'm preoccupied with something else and soils his pants.

We've tried absolutely everything - forcing him to sit on the potty, NOT pushing the issue, reward systems, having him clean up everything, etc., but NOTHING seems to work. Anyone else going through this? Any suggestions?


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Mon, 05-05-2003 - 3:04pm
I just posted for help myself but we are seeing some improvement. We are working with a "developmental pediatrician" on the toileting issue (this has a hidden benefit since it is a "pediatrican," the insurance covers it). Our situation is that Bill is fine with pee but resistant to poop, soils a little in the day but usually waits and goes in pullup at night. Also pees at night in the pullup but who even cares about that at 7 yrs old!!

Anyhow, the pediatrician wrote him a scrip for Miralax and it has REALLY helped. We had him on mineral oil for 2 yrs prior to that and it didn't work. This we mix in Crystal Lite & he doesn't mind taking it. I also started giving him cash to poop in the potty ($1 for doing it at our scheduled times in am and before bed, $2 on his own, $3 if he comes out of room to do it --which hasn't happened yet.) He's getting about half in the pot now.

Good luck all and send more ideas.


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Tue, 05-06-2003 - 10:09am
Tim was 4 when he was potty trained. We had an occasionaly

poop accident and even now he's 12, I can tell he's not wiping (sp) like

he should.

I read something years ago and if I can find it, I'll post it. It is

something about how some children feel like going number 2 is like

loosing part of their own body or something and it kind of 'freaks them out'

in a sense. I like the giving them a dollar idea especially when they

get older like that, but you got to be careful that they don't

turn it on you and actually use the tactic to get money once

they do have the potty concept.

Have you ever used scare type tactics? I know it sounds bad

but for example "If you don't let the poop come out, then

it's going to keep building up until you pop!" or 'give you a

disease'. It may even lead to GI or colon problems in the future.

Also going "overboard with praise" when they are clean. Like right

after a bath say "Oh MY you smell so gooooooooooooood when you don't

have poop in your pants" and give lots of hugs and tickles. make it

a fun neat thing and he may make more effort to 'smell good' more often.

Just some suggestions in case no one has tried it yet. I know, I tried

almost everything with all 3 of my kids. My youngest didn't have to

be potty trained because he was old enough to still be watching

me try to train Tim (PDD).