Ariane, nice to see you!

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Ariane, nice to see you!
Fri, 01-30-2004 - 7:51am
I saw your post on the SID board. I wanted to just say hi and welcome!

The neurofeedback is very interesting stuff! There is a provider in my area for it, so I think about it often. Unfortunately she did something very unethical with my son (she discussed him and his issues with the principal of his school without my knowledge or consent). So I just can't trust her with my most precious child.

However, the PsyD we are working with is thinking of doing a trial of it as soon as this summer. If we get in on the trial, it will be free (Yippee!!!). I bug her about it often. So I am very happy to hear your positive results. Please keep us posted on his results.

Also, I'm getting ready to start Liam on fish oil, just to see if it helps! I'm going to get the kids ones off Dr. Sears site. We did Huston cuticles, which did nothing for him at all. (Here I should point out Liam isn't actually on the spectrum, but has a lot of similarities to a person with Asperger's, just for different reasons, so it may be due to that this intervention didn't work).

Right now I am giving very serious thought to Interactive Metronome. I've found an out-of-state provider, so I'd be doin da work! But we are doing an at-home vision therapy program right now, so I am getting good at the Drill Sargent thing with him. (1-2-3 Magic works in this house, well most of the time!)

Anyway, I hadn't "seen" you here before, so I wanted to say hello! Our cl's are having a very hard time posting due to technical difficulties, but they read all our posts! Would that be considered forced lurking??!!


Also, if you post this topic on the general discussions board, you'll probably get more exposure to see if anyone else has any 411 on the neurofeedback!

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