Army Wife Mother of 3-Looking for answer

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Army Wife Mother of 3-Looking for answer
Wed, 06-27-2007 - 10:10pm

Do you have some days that go great, he's just as happy to comply and others that are like this one where he just won't do anything at all?
So what is spectrum anxiety? My son has been anxious since birth I think. He never went to anyone other than me and still doesn't really. He's 4.

Let me rewind for a minute.
DS was born in 2003. At 10 months he started having night terrors. (Not sure if anyone here is familiar with those). These were occurring 3-4 times nightly and have recently reduced to a few a month. We went the month of May without any Praise God.
At age 2 he seemed to lose some speech he already had and at 29 months was placed in Babynet and was seen by an early interventionist. His DX at that time was "global developmental delays". By the time he was 3 and transitioning out of the program he only had delays in cognitive and social areas. His fine and gross motor skills were on a 6 year old level. (Hey what can I say, his dad played football and I danced my whole life, he's got good coordination genes :)
Anyway, at 3 1/2 he was placed in a "Preschool child with disabilities" class at the local public school due to his low scores on tests. His language scores were about a 70 on average. On the psych part of the test his high risk area was "withdrawal". He really doesn't like to interact much with other kids, but will tolerate it for a few minutes then go off by himself. If your still reading, God Bless you.
Anyhoo, the end of the school came and his teacher was concerened about lack of affect at school, difficulty processing (took a long time for him to pull the info out of his head), and lack of focus. He was easily distracted but always followed directions and class rules. When it came to singing time and dancing or anything with motor skills he led the class. Oh he also recieved Speech therapy at the school. Mild stuttering and lost of articulation errors and also some language therapy.
Our pediatrician has now referred him to a developmental pediatrician in Charleston, SC and the Medical University of South Carolina. We are still waiting on an appt.
He is currently enrolled in a Christian Summer camp run by one of the local Bible colleges here. They go to the water parks, bowling, the zoo, IMAX theaters, parks, and so many other places. They have devotions and crafts. Today they were so happy that Decker got in the lazy river at the park and floated on a float all by himself. That's a huge step from sitting on the steps in the baby pool playing with his toy shark. He even gets high fives from the bigger campers and has a girl that just loves him. She's 12. Wow, puppy love starts young lol.
My question is when he comes home he starts his normal aggressive behavior. HItting his sister (who is 3), hitting ME, screaming, throwing things, going completely against the flow. His sister is now starting to just give in to him by handing him whatever he wants. So, now I've got another issue to squash. She is a loving sweet girl and she gets her feelings hurt often when he smacks her face and takes her most prized toy from her. I love my son with everything in me, I'd die for him, I'd do anything for him! Does this fit the category of PDD? Am I even in the right place? Do night terrors have something to do with this? Am I just insane from lack of sleep for 4 years? Did I mention I added a new baby girl to the mix March 19, 2007. Whew. Hubby is off training soldiers for war and I'm left here to "figure things out". Nice.
I am so far gone I forgot why I originally replied.
29 yo married Mom of 3 (DS, 4, DD, 3, DD, 3 months)


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I mostly lurk here, but I know exactly what you are going through.

My son was DX'd with Asperger's when he was 8. Ft. Campbell docs wouldn't listen to us. And he was diagnosed with Epilepsy in February.

DH is currently deployed to the sandbox, so I get to do it all, also. We are at Redstone Arsenal, AL. We hoped that by being at a training post, he'd not deploy. HA! He went to Hawaii in August and delpoyed with 25th ID in October. We knew he'd go as soon as he got to the island, so we stayed here for the time being. Our routine is here. We'll join him in Hawaii when he gets back there.

The advice you were given has been wonderful and I can't really add anything to it. But I can say that you are going to have to stay on top of TriCare. They've gotten really ugly about diagnosing ASD's and such. So be prepared. They tried not to cover my son's diagnostic process.

I wish you the best. Hang in there, we are all here for you.



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Thu, 07-12-2007 - 9:58pm

Welcome Bryanne!

Sorry to say I didn't take the time to read the other responses to your post.

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