The ASD tendancies in us all

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The ASD tendancies in us all
Fri, 02-18-2005 - 11:13am

I saw a web broadcast on by Stephen Shore, an Aspie who is working on his doctorate in an ASD field (psych, I think? can't remember.) Anyway, he has a great sense of humor and he made a comment, like, "some of us are on the spectrum and the rest of us are waiting to be diagnosed."

I think that is so true. I never heard of "proprioceptive input" until we started dealing with OT. But I can tell I too really crave it. I love sports like skiing, horse-back riding, swimming, I used to do gymnastics as a girl. I am very "touchy-feely" and tactile, I love swinging and trampolines. I think that's why I don't mind when Eric wants to sit on me or hang on me all the time, although it would drive others nuts, I kind of like it. I know I need to teach him what is socially acceptable, but I admit, sometimes his "hugginess" feeds my own proprioceptive needs. We have tons of fun doing OT together.

As for my husband, he is the quintessential absent-minded professor. Until we had Eric, I never noticed this about Keith, but Eric does this all the time and it made me see Keith does it too. Keith sometimes is "in space" and you have to say something more than once to get a response. He can be very focused, to the exclusion of anything around him, when he is writing or working on an idea. Keith has often said too that he can identify with Eric's learning style. Since he is a college prof, he is used to seeing all the different ways people can learn.

Just wondering if you all had similar observations.


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Fri, 02-18-2005 - 3:33pm

I know my asd syptoms are in the sensory realm, for instance my husband bought me a mountain bike, I had not rode a bike in 20 years. I could not ride it! The whole motor planning thing; I knew what had to be done but could not transfer was really embarassing. I finally got it but it was really difficult and admittedly I was scared so I really get an appreciation into Jay's SID disorder.

As well, I am always hypersensitive to people in my space just like Jason I almost react the same way as he does if it makes me nervous. I also get "disorganized" in places with too much lighting to the point I get sick, overwhelmed and confused. I also have a low threshold for anxiety.

So I agree there are tendencies in us all.


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Sat, 02-19-2005 - 11:48pm

I sleep with a weighted blanket. If I don't, my skin crawls. I also have to use other therapies to keep my SID in check -hot baths, activity -but it doesn't always help -especially when I am stressed - which is always right now. I have considered asking DH to brush me!

I am extremely tactile defensive. I almost punched a gang-member type in a NY subway station once because she brushed up against me. I was actually swinging before I caught myself (and there was I: Little white Irish girl in a full business suit with a raised fist and red face!)

I miss a lot of social cues. A LOT of them. I am a computer geek, workaholic, driven, and always right (I am also in charge of my department so that last bit kind of helps). I keep away from geo-mags, tetris and game boy, because I can become obsessed with them very easily. I am extremely absent minded. To the point that I seriously think I have AD/HD.

I toe walk. Always have. I usually wear very high heels -socially acceptable toe walking.

I read early and very well (whole words), but recently started listening to books on me i-pod in the car, and hearing books I had read previously, hearing so much more than I ever previously gleaned; I now realise that my reading comprehension (for fiction) SUCKS.

I self injure when under severe stress. Just tonight I punched myself in the head (not too hard) when the guy in the Mexican take-out failed to supply the appropriate number of tacos. -Peter was next to me about to melt down, so I have some excuse.

My whole family is a bit wierd. Many have issues with alcohol or drugs and I have two uncles I would bet hard cash are on the Spectrum (undiagnosed, of course)

DH is not exempt. He is very tactile defensive and has been known to rabbit on about rubbish to the completely distinterested.

Yes. I know exactly where Peter gets his uniqueness. And that he is not so unique!


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Mon, 02-28-2005 - 9:00am

Katherine, Hi! OH YES! I see so much of myself in Jack that I don't realize that some of his behaviors are not 'normal'. When I was a kid, my sisters & I would 'rock' in our beds or 'bounce' in chairs for hours. We thought it was fun & relaxing. When I think about it now, if I saw a kid doing that I would think there's something really wrong w/ them. Also, I like to sleep w/ a lot of weight on top of me. I used to use mountains of heavy blankets, but now living in Florida, I use a pillow. Without the weight, I feel like I'm floating away - it's a very insecure feeling that's hard to describe. I'm also a bit of an introvert & often feel awkward in social situations. My dh is not big on parties & big social things either. There are lots of other things too - I see a lot of OCD & other tendencies in myself & my siblings. I guess we all have our quirks. I guess it's all good, b/c I think it's help me understand Jack's point of view. He never got to the levels of frustration that my niece did (who has the same issues as him) - she actually damaged her vocal cords from the screaming tantrums she would have. I like to think it helped me be really in-tune w/ him as an infant w/ his SID, etc.


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Thu, 03-10-2005 - 3:52pm
Interesting about the "too much light". I have the same thing! More so than I used to. I have trouble in grocery stores where the lights are too bright, especially at night. It's so bad that I can't shop effectively. All the 800 varieties of Cheerios and Oreos just overwhelm me. I gave up freeway driving (in SF Bay Area) and most night driving because the sensory overload is just too much.
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Fri, 03-18-2005 - 4:40pm

I haven't read the other responses yet, but I know that in my family (both bio and inlaws) aspie tendencies are very high. I think that, combined with the fact that I have AS myself, increased my DD's chances of being on the spectrum.

As for needing the touch and movement, I'm opposite. I have SID and don't like it. MY DD doesn't like motion.


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Sat, 04-30-2005 - 1:37pm

Okay, I admit it - I like to smell things. I smell everything, my arm, my clothes, my animals, my kids. I kiss them often just so I can smell them. I am very sensitive to smells, particularly bad breath.

I don't like itchy or tight clothes and have had issues like that for years. My mom used to get so mad at me as a kid because I wouldn't wear the ponchos my grandma had knit for me - they itched. And I always had issues with my socks bunching up or the seam against my toes.

I don't like people in my space. I don't like stuffy houses/buildings. Blaring TV's drive me crazy and forget shopping on weekends. Too many people.

I have always rocked - ruined many a couch doing it as a kid until we got a rocker/recliner. I preferred to "bounce" (my childhood term for it) with the lights off as I could not relax with them on. It hurt my eyes.

I am very picky about grammar and when somebody is talking to me about something unfamiliar, I often ask how to spell it. I guess it helps me to file the info in my brain. I have always preferred having one close friend at a time because I didn't feel I could juggle between everybody that well. I am friendly, outgoing and talkative, however. I think I make casual friends easily. I am clumsy and often bump into things.

DH has a lot of learning problems in his family.