Being in the middle of the spectrum.

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Being in the middle of the spectrum.
Tue, 03-12-2013 - 5:18pm

I wanted to pass along this Huffington Post blog piece from a mom who's son is in the middle of the autism spectrum, and talks about the challenges are successes he has: 

I know autism is called a spectrum. But most days it feels more like a see-saw and we're constantly trying to find balance to stay right in the middle. Could things be just a little bit better, easier, less stressful? Of course. I think anyone -- autistic or not -- can say that. I'm okay with where we are. The middle is good. The middle, we can work with.

You can read more at:

I feel sad for him when other people don't understand his disorder, and won't play with him on the playground.  She is right that you have to focus on how far they've come though.

 How do you handle that when it happens to your child?