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In a Better Place
Wed, 03-08-2006 - 11:48pm

Thank you all so much for the kind words of support.

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Thu, 03-09-2006 - 8:49am


((((HUGS)))), it's so hard when it's your child that needs you and need something! I can totally understand your frustration w/ Mrs MSW! My son has HFA. He's a brilliant boy w/ lots of things going for him, but he has so many difficulties. He's 9 yrs old and in the 4th grade. When I would call and talk to his teachers this year they would say "OH, we love him so much!" "Oh, he's doing so well!" "oh, he's just the sweetest thing" while these things are very nice to hear, they're not terribly helpful when you're trying to figure out how he's handling being mainstreamed or whether he's finishing all his classwork or interacting with the children in the class. I finally said, ok, I'm glad you like my son, but I need to know the truth and I need to know specifics not the sweet stuff. I'm sure they think I'm strange but I don't really want to be told how sweet my son is every time I speak to them, I want to know how many times he cks out during the social studies lesson or how he took missing 2 on his spelling test or if he handled the schedule change well today.

I hope they are able to give you more insight into your son and get him the help/therapy he needs!

and feel free to vent to us all you need to-- that's what we're here for!