could it hurt?

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could it hurt?
Fri, 02-02-2007 - 4:06pm
I know this is a very similar post to the "Does this sound like apsergers", but I really need some advice. My DS will be 3 in June, he is bright, playful, caring, loves other kids, but not as verbal as most kids his age. He has been recieving some EI through our school district for language. His teachers have noted some red flags( eye contact, difficulty focusing,wandering around the room, plus his lack of talking, and imaginative play) which I see only when he is with them. At home, in stores, at friends homes he gives great eye contact, focus. He is very into make believe (pretends to be a barber uses block as shaver). His language at home is exploding 3-5 word phrases, which I'm pretty sure is at least close to on track for his age. I do know a little about asp,I was a special needs para for a 2nd grader who has asp and did intense ABA therepy with a little boy who has autism. I know this doesn't make me any sort of an expert. I have been reading every source of information I can find to make the right decisions. The school has offered to put my son in an ABA group, but I really believe that would have a negative impact on him especially if I'm right and he isn't on the spectrum. I know what an impact early intervention can make on a child, but I also believe that a incorrect assesment could have a lasting negative affect. I keep going back and forth, and I'm tired of analizing over and over every move he makes. Bottom line is do I trust what I, his Mom(stay at home mom, see everyday); or the school? I know I'm ranting and I sorry is just so hard. Hope someone can help.
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You know, my son is now being tested at the age of 10. He did some of the same things your son is doing right now. I thought it was normal and more of a behavioral issue. I now wish I had opened my eyes more.

It could be normal, but the important thing here, is to do what your gut says to do.

If your gut bothers you, there's nothing wrong with testing to rule it out.... Or to find out to help him as soon as possible.