Could we do a Roll Call?

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Could we do a Roll Call?
Sun, 09-11-2005 - 4:58pm

Hi Everyone,

I'm still fairly new to this board and would love to get to know who's who.


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Sun, 09-11-2005 - 6:26pm

Hi Pam,

I usually just lurk around and absorb the wisdom here. I have 5 kids Mike 19 - NT, Tasha 15 - NT, Rod 14 - Bi-polar disorder, Tourettes Syndrome, Conduct disorder, Severe Anxiety disorder/Posttraumatic stress disorder and possible developing psychotic disorder, Kadan 10 Microcephaly, ADHD, ODD, PDD-NOS, epilepsy and childhood psychosis and Quentan 1.5 - NT so far.

Kadan is the one that brings me here. We live in Ajax.

Oh yeah I'm 37 and dh is 34

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Sun, 09-11-2005 - 6:32pm

I'm Paula 38, originally from Ireland, but now living on Long Island with Jim (40 next month!) originally from Scotland (love that accent!). We are both computer geeks, but I am out of work (again) at the mo.

Our kids are:

Peter 7, HFA and superhero in training. We noticed 'stuff' at around 19/20 months (actually, it was a huge regression), I went into denial, and he started therapies etc. at 27 months, but wasn't diagnosed until 5.5, because he is such a little extrovert.

He attends a special day class at his home school with additional Speech, OT and PT (and parent training 1 hour per week) and has been doing very well since starting that program in the last school year.

He plays soccer (Dad coaches), and is shaping up to be quite a good goalie. he also takes karate lessons. He recently demanded gymnastics lessons and a baby brother. I think I can manage ONE of those...

Siobhan (pronounced Shiv-awn) is our DD. She is 5 and officially "at risk for Aspergers Syundrome" (from a school district eval!). We noticed stuff with her at around 23 months, but she didn't qualify for services until the SD took over at 3yo. She is beautiful and knows it -a fashion plate and handbag queen. She owns more purses than I do (I have her beat on shoes ;)).

She is obsessed with cameras and is the only 5yo I know who has a better digital camera than her geeky Mom (I indulge my kids obsessions). Like Peter she plays soccer (Dad coaches her team too) and takes karate lessons. As her focus is better than Peter's, I have a feeling she may soon outrank her brother at karate, and am somewhat concerned.

At school, she is mainstreamed with a full-time aide, who is shared (They have a system of one aide per 3 kids, but it is at ALL times -recess & lunch included), a special teacher 4x45 per week (or is it 5x45? it's quite a lot), speech therapy 2x week and an OT consult.

I am a big believer in sensory interventions for my kids. I used to co-CL the SID board and I sill keep a therapy ball in my living room. Sensory therapy helped us a lot, -especially in the earlier days.



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Sun, 09-11-2005 - 7:13pm

Hello, not a shabby idea.

Renee, 36, DH John, 38. Married for 14 years and have 4 kids.

Cait is 11. I think I noticed something amis at about 7 months but took until 3 to do something about it. My ped kept telling me I was nuts and wait. Finally at 3 we took matters into our own hands. She started preschool at 3 and diagnosed PDD-NOS at 4, AS with partial seizures at 7. She was mainstreamed until this year with an aide and now she is in an Asperger's program in middle school with a classroom full time aide (shared with another, boy. her "boyfriend" in fact).

Mike is 9. We began testing at 3 and ASD was brought up but we were in denial and he was one of the socially outgoing types then so he didn't qualify for preschool services since we he had to be significantly cognitively or langauge delayed here. He was diagnosed SID around 3 and severe ADHD around 4 and finally AS around 7. He is 4th grade in a special day class with a 1:1 aide but is cognitively pretty gifted. He just started some mainstreaming again.

Emily is 7 and has some vision processing issues that have caused reading struggles but she seems to be catching up abit now. She may have mild LD's. She is in 2nd grade and a sweetie-peetie extremely non ASD child.

Dave is 5 and in kindie. He is officially diagnosed ADHD and PDD-NOS. He started an IEP at 3 for speech. The PDD was provisional as the psychologist really had a hard time placing him. She says he is more than straight ADHD but not sure what else. PDD was the best match. He has an abnormal EEG and absence seizures when he was on meds so he isn't medicated. He is on a minimal IEP and is mainstreamed in Kindie. They offered us barely anything but he appears to be doing ok for the time being. He made tons of progress in preschool and hopefully that was enough.

Hubby is an autism specialist. I used to work with autistic kids. I am currently working on getting my special ed credential for this state and we also have a nephew with classic kanners autism though he is HF(who is just about the sweetest guy in the world).


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Sun, 09-11-2005 - 8:06pm

I am also pretty new to the board.


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Sun, 09-11-2005 - 8:07pm

I'm Michelle (37) married to dh (36) for 17yrs (this month!). We have 2 boys, Tyler 8 NT (he'll be 9 this month!), and Nathan 6 1/2 HFA. Nathan was dx'd when he was 5 and attending preschool. We always knew something was different about him, but we just couldn't put our finger on it! We don't have any family members who are on the spectrum, so we weren't that familiar with autism. But we've certainly learned alot!!

Dh works as a manager at a car dealership. He's been in the car business since he was 19...and he knows everything about the business!!! He also works long hours, which the boys don't like!!!

Tyler is in the 3rd grade. Says he doesn't like school, but can't stop talking about all the fun things he does while he's there! LOL He plays baseball, video games, and is extremely social!! And he's a great big brother too!

Nathan is in 1st grade. He's mainstreamed with an aid that he shares. He also gets speech therapy at school. He holds it in pretty well at school, but will meltdown at home and on weekends! He's obsessive, clean, likes routine and order. And since speech has picked up, he's bossy, demanding, and WAY outspoken about his thoughts. (I thanked his speech therapist for that!) He also stims quite a bit at home, picky about his food, and is very repetitive.

We just moved into a brand new house this summer. So lots of adjusting is going on here! I love the new house, just don't like cleaning it!!! I stay home with the boys, I love cooking and gardening......LOVE flowers. I've been decorating my house and making lots of arrangements and such!!! I also love candles, and usually have candles burning most of the time. My guys are my priority though! I'm very my boys get lots of hugs and kisses from me! Oh....yeah...dh too! LOL


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Sun, 09-11-2005 - 8:48pm


Glad you de-lurked. Welcome to the board, and feel free to add to the "wisdom" anytime you wish!



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Sun, 09-11-2005 - 10:35pm

Great idea! And welcome to the "36 Club" Pam! I am currently a member (for a few more months).

I am Cathy. Jack, age 4 and PDD-NOS, brings me here. He was typically developing until about age 2, as near as we can discern. Then some sensory stuff kicked in big time, and his language basically stagnated. We also have a 7-year old DD who is typical and a 19-month old DD -- who appears typical -- although I won't sleep well until she is 3-years old and still on track. I live in CT, outside New York City.

I look forward to reading about everyone.

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Mon, 09-12-2005 - 8:13am

Hi, I'm Helen, also 36! I mainly lurk around here, I don't often get time for posting & also I don't have much to add as we dont have a definitive diagnosis!!!

We live near Sydney, Australia & I am a single Mum to Eloise who is 5yrs and NT, so far!! She has not exhibited ANY of the quirks my DS has since birth. I also have Addison, he is who brings me here. He was always a bit 'different'. He was a bit professor-ish and people used to comment on how he was. He was an early achiever in everything (crawling, sitting, walking) except speech, but one day he just started speaking in sentences!!! He was on his way to reading just before he started school, and achieved it within days & read the first Harry Potter book before Kindergarten was finished. When he was assessed at 6yrs his IQ was in the genius range (I think my DD is high too! This is the only way she is like her Bro, she was reading 9months before K! & where I was 'teaching Addison the basics, Eloise taught herself)

That year his behaviour started to go downhill too & the little boy you could take anywhere started having meltdowns & was quite unable to interact appropriately with his peers. In preschool he had a few social problems, but by the end of Kindy he was completely socially inept. His idea of trying to join a game in the school yard was to either hijack the ball (or whatever was being played with) or just barge in, or hit someone to get their attention. It basically went downhill very fast after that.

Until the end of 2nd grade he was in a class with a diagnosed HFA so the teachers always sat them together & they kinda shared the HFA's aide. At this stage there was talk of Aspergers. In 3rd grade the other child moved to another school & the suspensions began. He wasn't expelled, but we moved him to another, smaller, school the next year and he was diagnosed ADHD. His new teacher had a lot of experience with ADHD, but even Addison provided her with a challenge & that school suggested we try another school the next year!!! My thoughts are why just keep suspending a child who has no control over himself? Why not just get him help? the fact is, there is NO government funding to provide Aides for ADHD kids in this country!!!!

So, at the 3rd school, now aged 10 and in 5th grade, he lasted 4 weeks before the first suspension, even though they knew his Hx & did nothing to accomodate him!! They did, however, suggest a special school which he now attends. It is mainly a behaviour school with only 18 students max and several teachers & aides. He attends there 4 days a week and goes to his mainstream school on a Monday. The plan is to gradually integrate him into the mainstream school over a 12 month period. If they are unable to do that then the next step is another school of the same type for high schoolers.

He has developed a lot of different worrying behaviours & 'symptoms' over the past 2-3 years and I think the Drs are stumped!!! The provisional diagnoses he has at the moment are ADHD, mild Aspergers, OCD, Tourettes Syndrome & ODD. I am not convinced of them all, but I am *VERY* concerned about my little boy, he is just sooooo unhappy with himself really wants to gain some control over himself.

Sorry, that got long!!!

Aussie Mum to Addison (Nov94) & Eloise (34wkr May2000)

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Mon, 09-12-2005 - 9:26am

great idea

I'm Betsy (38) w/ DH Michael (42, or will be on Sunday) we've been married almost 16 yrs. We are both from Illinois, lived in Wisconsin on Lake Michigan for 12 yrs, moved to South Carolina just over a year ago. I'm a SAHM and a don't know what I'll do w/ my life when I/they grow up artistic sort. DH is (as Paula so eloquently put it) a computer geek. We have 5 children.

Warren, 14 next week, has a Dx ADD-NOS -- though he still confounds most, he almost fits the Asperger's dx criteria, but not quite, doesn't quite fit the ADHD criteria either but we're going w/ the ADD Dx for now so that he can get services at school. He gets 50 min of resource a week. He's doing ok so far this year-- don't know if its the meds or the resource or maturity.

Amelia, 11, NT. great kid but going through puberity w/ her is going to kill me!

Weston, 9, Dx HFA. has always been a very different child. Incredibly gifted in math and possibly hyperlexic, but due to his lack of speech before kindergarten we didn't know he was reading. He was finally Dx this summer though we've been getting therapy at school for 2 yrs. he is fully mainstreamed w/ 60 min of speech therapy a week and OT consult. We're hoping to get a social skills group together for him during lunch 1x a week.

Martha 6, NT, first grader

Owen 3 1/2, possibly ADHD, when we were in for Weston's ck up the Dr said, we could certainly get him a dx if you wanted. We'll see how preschool goes.

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Mon, 09-12-2005 - 1:10pm

I am Katherine (42) married to Keith (42) for 18 years. I am now a SAHM b/c of Eric, but still do some consulting from time to time. My background is as a grants writer for non-profit arts orgs. DH is a college professor. We live in Miami, FL now, but spent many years in Virginia.

Our son Eric is 3.5 with a current diagnosis of PDD-NOS. He was given this diagnosis at 18 mos. Although he technically can't be called AS since he had a severe language delay at first, now he is very verbal and many working with him think he might be AS. He now has that "little professor" speech quality which is to us endearing! He also appears to be hyperlexic as well.

We adopted Eric at birth and are still in touch with his birth parents. His older brother (5) was also diagnosed with PDD-NOS recently. Another brother (7) appears to have ADHD.

Eric was a very easy baby and seemed to develop normally to us until about 15 mos. when we noticed stimming, obsessions with things like ceiling fans, no pretend play or play with toys but instead wanted to spin anything he could, would not respond to his name, little speech except some sounds. He was evaluated by EIP who recommended we see a pediatric neuro-specialist in autism, who diagnosed him.

Eric thrived in early intervention. ST twice a week, AB once a week, and OT twice a week. He did so well he got "kicked out" of EIP just before he turned 3. Insurance would not cover, so we continued to pay out of pocket for ST, but he regressed. So we decided to pay for the OT too. We hired an advocate and were able to get him into the school system's SPED program. He is now in the system's Pre-K autistic LEAP program, theoretically designed for 4 ASD kids and 6-8 NT kids, although the program at our school is new and the NT kids have yet to come. Nevertheless, Eric is doing very well in the class which uses TEACCH and is quite structured.

Eric loves Thomas trains, riding his trike, running, the planets and space, Wallace and Gromit, Gonzo ("Muppets from Space" of course!), swimming, singing, swinging, finger-painting, and cooking.

He is a total little character with big brown eyes, sandy brown hair, tons of energy, and a huge smile!