Dx after six years?

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Dx after six years?
Fri, 05-27-2005 - 8:16am

Hi, I'm new to this board but not to iVillage. My oldest ds/15 has recently been given the dx as having Aspergers. He's been seeing a p-doc for the past six years and his dx has always been ocd/anxiety. I already have an appointment with a different p-doc for a second opinion.

During a recent med check visit, the doc brought up Aspergers. Could he have come to this conclusion by the fact that the different meds he has been on (all antidepressents) in the past years didn't take away all the symptoms? I've heard that some OCD symptoms remain even when on meds. Just as well, I've heard that all symptoms of OCD should totally go away. I also understand that there is certain criteria that a doctor measures when dx Aspergers. When I go thru the check list, I do see the signs in my son.

I guess I'm a little miffed because I have to also wonder if my son is just suffering from severe anxiety. The symtoms he presents with are a sign of (not sure how to word this) a very lesser degree of Aspergers. It seems like in today's world everyone walking around on the face of the earth has to have some type of disorder. Maybe I'm just in the denial stage?

Looking back to his life as a toddler and preschooler, I can remember how upset I always was that he never went along with the other kids. He never played with his toys and I had to entertain him 24/7. Usually the entertainment was along the lines of sitting down and doing table work, abc's, reading, puzzles, etc.

I guess I'm here because I have to question the dx and whether or not he is just being labeled because he is "wired" a different way and shuns socializing because of severe anxiety.

As a note, my 14 y/o neice has severe Autism. I have a cousin with two boys. One is Autistic and the other has Aspergers.

Also, I just bought the book put out by O.A.S.I.S that was recommended on their website. I can see symptoms and then I also see symptoms that are not my ds at all. Could that still lead to an Aspergers dx?

Oh, I forgot to mention the worst part of the entire doc appointment. My ds/15 was in the office the entire time and as we were ending the session, the doctor told my ds that he shouldn't be surprised when he hears it mentioned that Aspergers is also called high functioning Autism. He also mentioned anti psychotic drugs! Should he have said all of this in front of my son? I was very upset. My son was extremely upset on the way home.

If you made it to the end, thanks for taking the time to read my post.


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Fri, 05-27-2005 - 5:29pm

I am wondering by your post if your p-doc means simply a pediatrician. Most pediatricians are in no way qualified to make a spectrum dx. I would consider going to a neurological psychologiat, and an autistic spectrum specialist at that, for a full evaluation before I would use the dx term Asperger's. And, after 6 years, I too would be completely put off by a doctor who would discuss such things in front of my child, about whom the doctor has an opinion but is not qualified to make an actual dx. Whew! Yup, I'd be talking further to that doctor and giving him a great big piece of my mind.

This is such a difficult discussion. So many people are a little spectrum, or somewhat Aspie! I think the dx should be used for when services can be gotten or the dx can bring about more understanding of symptoms and difficulties a child or adult deals with. People on the spectrum do shun socialization because of anxiety. They want to be social, they have normal feelings and desires. Their senses are hard to deal with, often overwhelmed and sending incorrect messages, causing great anxiety and therefore great difficulty with socialization. But again, a specialist can do extensive testing to deetermine whether or not someone is spectrum, and whether or not therapeutic techniques may be useful. There are not lots of drug approaches for spectrum per se, just again some anti-depressants, etc. to help lower anxiety.

So, it's hard to say about many, many people which it is, spectrum or "just wired differently" (which is what spectrum IS) ... but a dx by a specialist can be helpful if this means that therapeutic techniques can help someone learn to cope better.

Stay in touch, maybe we can be of help.



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Fri, 05-27-2005 - 7:38pm

Thanks for your response. To clarify, what I meant my p-doc was a child psychiatrist.

I'll have to call this new doctor's office that we'll be going to and specifically ask if he deals with this disorder.

Thanks again!