"Give me your Receipt"

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"Give me your Receipt"
Tue, 08-05-2003 - 9:12am
We know being a parent is priceless, no one can put a price on our

love and care for a child. This is just for fun and can be silly or

serious, whichever.

Just to let YOU as a parent know how much YOU'RE worth, how about

putting a price tag on it as if someone else wanted you to be their

mom for a day.

ex. Driving to gymnastics- 2.00 plus 2.oo for gas.

Listen to coplaining and whining 25.00 per hour or incident.

This also helps show us how your schedules go day to day as well.

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Tue, 08-05-2003 - 9:36am
1.The simple act of waking up in the morning. 10.00

2.Getting clothes ready for 3 kids. 1.00, somedays for free since

I seriously want my kids to have clothes on.. otherwise they

wouldn't do it themselves and they'd go in whatever they fell asleep in.

This includes One chld taking a bath early in the morning due to a little problem we

have....10.00 (forgot to add this in earlier)

3.Taking them to daycare, free since it's what I have to do to work.

4.Pick them up from daycare. 10.00

5.Take them for a soda or ice cream. 6.00

6.Pick out movies at the library. 4.00 to 6.00

7.Let Lacie go visit her friend around the corner. Charge her with

washing dishes first.

8.Sean and Tim play XBox (descent games, not war ones) 10.00 or

they can clean the living room first and play for free.

9.Cook Supper 20.00, plus the price of the ingredients.

10.Start a load of laundry. 20.00

11.Let supper sit for 40 minutes because no one wants to eat "Just yet".

12.Put laundry in the dryer 10.00

13.Fix a plate for One hungry child.. free

14.Go around the corner to look for lacie because she should of been

home 10.00 (maybe more somedays when I just don't want to stay in my car

all day)

15.Fix a plate for a semi hungry child who has candy evidence on her


16.NOtice the Third child has eaten sometime or another and left the

plate in the living room. 5.00

17.Place dishes in hot soaking water to sit until tommorow (they should be

much easier to clean by then). 10.00

18.Get clothes out of the dryer. 30.00 (why so much higher? because I'm

so tired and would much rather be laying on the couch with my feet up)

19.Clean the tub out so one can take a bath. 10.00

20.Remind the child that they need to get out of the tub. free so another

boarder can use it.

21. NExt child in bath. 10.00

22.Clean tub out. NOtice the abundance of toys and the

wet trail to the toybox.....20.00

23. Listen to 2 fighting over each getting to do more than the

other. 50.00. (this price will vary depending on which time of


24.LIsten to SO complain about Bills, his work, etc etc.`1000.00

25. Wait 2 hours to finally wind down so I can try to sleep. 1000.00

During school seasons we will have the football, cheerleading practices..

then the basketball, band etc.

After reading through this, I notice I don't give my

kids enough chores or responsibilities. They will only do things

if they think they will get to go somewhere or if they want money.

Weekends are a little different though, but on my work days I try to

make things easier since we have to get up so much earlier. I'm sure I

left a whole lot of things out.